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Small site says they were bullied
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31 July 1997

A small Web site called On The Box has been caught out by TVNZ for apparently breaching the copyright on its TV listings.

The site was carrying a full week's listings for the main free-to-air TV Channels including TVNZ's TV1 and TV2. Most Television broadcasters earn revenues by selling their listings to publications such as The Listener and therefore are very keen to enforce the copyright they hold on such material.

The site concerned has expressed its anger at TVNZ's attitude by posting a large complaint on its front-page. Site operator, student Vaughan Thompson says that he didn't realise his actions were a breach of copyright - the first he knew was when his ISP, IHUG contacted him, reporting that TVNZ had notified them of the copyright breach.

Thompson says he will now approach TV3 and Sky and ask permission to publish their listings.

This is the second time this year that such a site has fallen foul of copyright and trademark infringments with a similar incident occuring in May. The same infringing site was the subject of an "I Can't Believe It's True" award in April.

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