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4 Aug 1997

InfoTech Editor Adrienne Perry has responded to NewsRoom story last week which accused the paper of advertorialism.

In an email to Aardvark, Ms Perry said "The Special Reports, as indicated in the promotional copy, are advertising supplements and are clearly labeled as such on each page. Advertising supplements have been running in The Dominion and the Evening Post since time immemorial, so I am a little surprised that Newsroom has only just noticed them. InfoTech's writer is a respected journalist and author by the name of Laurie Hilsgen. When she has the space, she endeavours to give an overview of the topic before focussing in on individual company strategies."

This case, as did the situation which arose between IDG and PC Magazine earlier this year, simply highlights the growing sensitivity expressed by publisher and reader alike over the issue of advertorialism - real or alleged.

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