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Microsoft Buys Into Apple
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7 Aug 1997

Time for the Aardvark to blow his own horn here. Back at the very beginning of the year I predicted that someone - most likely Microsoft would buy part or all of Apple during 1997. Looks like I was right!

Newly returned Steve Jobs announced on Wednesday that Microsoft will buy $150 million worth of Apple stock and take other steps to help the company.

In the January 6 edition of Aardvark Weekly, I predicted that:

"At the very least, a significant amount of Apple stock will be bought up by one of the other large players in the industry (Microsoft?)"

Enough gloating :-)

As a result of the deal, Apple will begin bundling MSIE and future versions of Microsoft's browser software as Apple's primary browser for the Macintosh platform.

I believe this move is strategically important for both Apple, who badly need the money and the extra support that Microsoft's involvement will give their stock-prices as well as Microsoft, who can't really afford for Apple to collapse for fear of being even more exposed to the US's strong anti-trust laws.

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