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Xtra outsources help desk
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11 Aug 1997

Xtra, New Zealand's largest ISP, has announced that it will be outsourcing its help-desk functions as of September.

Xtra's help-desk has long been a source of irritation and complaint, primarily because Xtra has become the point of introduction for so many new non-computer-literate Net users. In a move which further reinforces Xtra's obvious intention to focus more closely on the core business of providing Internet connectivity, Bob Smith, General manager of Telecom Internet Services announced that the contract to provide help-desk services had been given to a specialist call-centre company called TeleTech.

Alex Broughton of TeleTech says there is an opportunity for the 75 existing Xtra help-desk staff to be re-employed by TeleTech.

Rumours are that there are more interesting things happening at Xtra... keep your eyes open!

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