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Wireless Internet, living up to its promise?
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18 Aug 1997

While IHUG are still making big noises about their Starnet wireless Internet service, another local player in the wireless Net connectivity business has struck a snag.

The parent company of Auckland based Tetherless Access (TAL) has filed for bankruptcy protection in the USA and the Australian subsidiary has been "placed under financial administration".

With the ongoing provision of product and support in question, TAL has stopped soliciting new business but has no immediate intentions to shut up shop.

Meanwhile, IHUG plans to roll out a true satellite-based Internet solution towards the end of the year. This will offer coverage outside of the Auckland metropolitan area.

Advance sign-up for the limited number of seats in the Starnet service are currently only available to existing IHUG subscribers however Tim Wood of IHUG says that once the first roll-out is over and everything is running smoothly, subscriptions will be available to the general public.

Wood says "This may happen sooner than later as we have a massive new product to release, info will be forthcoming in about 3 or so weeks."

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