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NZ's Largest ISP moves to Microsoft
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25 Aug 1997

When Telecom launched its Xtra ISP service last year it was, from day one, very much aligned with Netscape, making extensive use of Netscape's server technolgy and providing its customers with a specially customised version of Netscape's Navigator browser. However, it seems that things are changing at NZ's biggest ISP.

The latest version of the Xtra CDROM contains both MSIE and Navigator in a move that Xtra defines as being able to "offer Xtra customers more internet options".

The new CDROM includes a multi-media presentation featuring Fiona McDonald along with a raft of plug-ins and other training aids.

It looks as if the days when an ISP could hand new customers a single floppy disk and a photocopied set of instructions are long gone.

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