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ClearNet offers personal Web Pages
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01 Sept 1997

These days, if you want to keep up with the Jones' an email address just isn't enough - you've got to have your own Web page!

Until last week, ClearNet customers were out of luck. A ClearNet customer looking to put up a Web page had to use one of the free hosting services such as GeoCities, AngelFire or, closer to home, the Kiwi Pages site offered by Binary Brothers.

Now that ClearNet has introduced its personal Web page hosting service perhaps more of its subscribers will be making their mark on the Web.

For $60 per year, ClearNet customers get 1MB of server storage and 20MB of traffic per month. There is no mention of what traffic charges apply if this level is exceeded.

For small personal Web sites it's probably a good deal but build a 1MB site and just 5 hits per week will use your entire traffic allowance - perhaps this needs to be rethought, especially in light of the free or flat-rate hosting options offered by other ISPs in NZ and overseas. For example, IHUG flat-rate users get 5MB of Web space for their personal pages with no traffic charges and Voyager customers receive 1MB of server space for free with no fixed limit to their monthly traffic.

Further afield, Geocities is still free and they offer 2MB of space with unlimited traffic so more ambitious users are still advised to shop around.

There is no news as to whether Xtra plans to introduce a similar service.

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