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Telecom's Yellow Pages, first thoughts
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2 Sept 1997

It's not hard to guess who did the Web design for Telecom's new Yellow Pages site, but I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure it out.

The site itself is quite well designed - albeit a little cluttered in places. When accessed from an Xtra dial-up account, it certainly seems to run quickly which is another bonus.

I suspect there's still quite a bit of "finishing off" work to be done behind the scenes though. For instance, on this page it states that results of a search will be ordered by:

  • Those with Display Pages
  • Those with Web Site links
  • Those with Headlines
  • Non-enhanced listings
But a search on this query seems to produce a list where 5 Non-enhanced listings are placed ahead of the first entry with a Web Site link. If I were NZ Technologies or Sanderson Computers Ltd, I'd be complaining asking when this was going to be fixed.

I also noticed that the Java applet on the front page doesn't seem to work and that the Java directory has been left open to inspection. This doesn't pose a security problem or anything but it's still a good idea to turn off access to this directory.

There is talk of Directories adding a national email address directory to its site some time soon. I certainly hope they allow people to "opt-out" of such a list since in most cases it becomes rather trivial for mass-marketers to extract such addresses and use the results as a mailing list for unsolicited commercial email.

Price-wise I wonder if it's really worth nearly $40 per month (including GST) to have your company name and a link to your Website added to the Telecom Internet Yellow Pages. This is more than most smart people pay to host their entire Web site.

I guess their sales staff are still playing catch-up because I could not for the life of me find a single site that had any "display pages" associated with it.

But who has enough confidence to buy a listing with a pointer to their own Web site - or even a listing for that matter.

Try searching for the following:

  • Xtra
  • Webmasters
I'll say no more until next week's Aardvark Weekly when I'll reveal the results of some "closer scrutiny".

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