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Yahoo arrives in NZ... almost.
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4 Sept 1997

Billing itself as Yahoo Australia & NZ, the latest of Yahoo's regional sites was launched this week. Unfortunately for many NZ Internet users, it will be slower and therefore less convenient to use than Yahoo's US site.

Why? - Well it's all to do with the way many ISPs connect to Australian sites. When I checked last night, the NetWay links out of NZ were routing traffic to the new Australia & NZ Yahoo through the USA. That's right, for some Net users, including Xtra's 60,000 subscribers, the 'local' site is twice as far away (and twice as slow) as the US-based one.

Users of ISPs that use Telstra's connections across the Tasman will fair significantly better but the Tasman jump has often been regarded as a Net-bottleneck.

Access aside, the new Yahoo has the potential to become very useful to those who are seeking an index to local content and they seem to have ranked their content very well as these links would indicate:

And who says there's nothing in a name :-)

Advertiser support for the new site is reportedly very strong, however a quick perusal found no hint of any NZ ads and it appears that the six "charter" advertisers - Toshiba, Intel, Lion Nathan, South Corp Wines, Mercantile Mutual and Coles Myer are currently hogging all the ad space.

Unfortunately, because it's country-specific and such a new site, many of the NZ categories have very few entries - so now's your chance to get in and have your site listed.

Speculation is that the aussie Yahoo! site may be in profit from year one, a sure indicator that at long last the Net is at last becoming a viable place to conduct business.

This latest Yahoo site won't replace the now invaluable SearchNZ service but I suspect that the Yahoo! name will probably mean that many overseas Net users will choose it as their first point of call when looking for Australian and New Zealand Web content.

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