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"Nuke A Host" Web site pulled
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10 Sept 1997

Aardvark received several emails from worried Net users and site operators yesterday complaining about the existance of a potentially dangerous site on the NZ Web.

The site, labeling itself as a Network Diagnostics site and hosted at XTRA, offered options to run regular Internet utilities such as traceroute, DNS lookups, etc - plus two rather sinister choices called "Jolt a host" and "Win Nuke a host".

It turns out that the site was designed as a diagnostic and support tool to check for vulnerability to such attacks from outside sources. Although the menu options were visible to visitors from outside the XTRA intranet, the selections on that menu could not be run from an external location.

No actual cases of the system being used to launch attacks on 3rd-party servers has been reported or documented, however several NZ ISPs were reportedly extremely angry that such a site existed at all.

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