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WebTV domain tussle in New Zealand
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3 Nov 1997

In a story carried by IDG's Web site today it is reported that Microsoft NZ are contacting their headquarters for advice on what to do over the webtv.co.nz domain name which was registered by Bruce Simpson back in May of this year. The trademark Web-TV (with a hyphen) was also registered by Ellecon for use with its own set-top box.

In the article, Russell Brown of IDG writes "Neither of the nameholders wished to comment when contacted by Computerworld". Simpson claims however that he was never approached for comment and is quite willing to talk with Microsoft over a resolution to the problem. "The name was not registered for speculation purposes, I have a very specific use for it" said Simpson.

"The webtv.co.nz domain was registered as part of a new service due for launch before christmas. The service is not a set-top box but a Java applet which provides access to TV programme listings as well as providing a "snapshot image" of what is currently screening on all the main national TV channels. A demo version of the applet is currently running on the 7am News TV Pages and it forms part of the growing inventory of Java applets being offered by 7am News including its world-famous Live News Ticker.

As for Microsoft's wish to own the domain name, I'm certainly happy to talk to them about the name, it was not registered with a view to speculation, simply because the name was very applicable to the applet and service concerned."

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