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Telecom White Pages Hits the NZ Web
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3 Nov 1997

Telecom Directories have followed up the launch of their very successful Yellow Pages site with the launch of the White PagesTM.

Claiming to offer listings for more than 1.3 million NZ homes and businesses, the directory is a huge improvement over the older site which had long been criticised for its poor user-interface and outdated information.

The launch of the service may offer some relief to telephone users who previously relied on calling directory assistance, a service which will is about to become a "user-pays" option. It may now be cheaper to use the Web site than the phone when looking for phone numbers that aren't in your local printed directory.

The official press release from Telecom Directories says "To protect the privacy of individuals, reverse searching is not possible ie: you cannot search by phone number or address alone", however Aardvark has heard rumours that there may be individuals or organisations planning to provide this feature, despite the fact it may breach the privacy act.

Aardvark Weekly will be performing an in-depth review of the White Pages site next week when a few very important issues relating to privacy, copyright and the practicality of providing the rumoured reverse look-up service will be discussed.

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