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NZ SODA Site Celebrates Birthday
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10 Nov 1997

SODA, NZ's leading daily Internet Web-site award, celebrates its first birthday this week.

Although not the first Web-Award site in New Zealand, SODA has quickly become a regular visit for many Web users and a window to the work and efforts of many of New Zealand's best-known, and some not so well known Web designers.

The site is the brainchild of Dave Blyth although more recently Russell Holland of WebFoot has played a major part in the selection of sites and production of the SODA page.

According to Blyth, around 200 awards have been given during this first year. "We never missed a normal work day but a few times we couldn't find 5 SODA-worthy sites and wanted to stick to a theme" he says.

"I think our standards are getting higher. I cringe a bit to look at some of the sites a year ago. We get between 5 and 20 sites submitted for a SODA daily. Some of these are from around the world but most are new Kiwi sites. Unfortunately people often miss the mark. We really hope that by showing the best sites on SODA others will get the hint and make their own sites more like the winning ones".

Of course I had to ask Blyth why WDNZ members seem so disproportionately represented amongst the award winners. From time to time Aardvark receives email alleging that SODA should be renamed "The WDNZ-only Award". Blyth replied "WDNZ members are amongst the best designers in NZ so it's only natural that their work will figure prominently." - which makes sense when you think about it.

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