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True Satellite Internet by March
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16 Dec 1997

The Internet Group (IHUG) has announced that it plans to launch the orbital component of its high-speed StarNet satellite Internet service in March of next year.

According to Tim Wood, the terrestrial based service has proven to be a great success since its launch earlier this year.

Pricing of the true satellite solution will be the same as that of the ground-based system although the hardware required by users will be slightly more expensive. At present, StarNet users need to purchase a 90cm dish and card for their PC.

Across the Tasman, IHUG are reselling the satellite service at an ISP level. ISPs can purchase and re-brand the service for their own customer base. The Internet Group's Australian operation (TIG), is already supplying 4 ISPs with Net bandwidth via satellite and several other sales of this wholesale service are "in the pipeline". Those ISPs using the service can gain a 60% savings over traditional options says Wood.

Wood is also adamant that there are no performance problems associated with the satellite-based circuits.

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