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ACT in good company with email screw-up
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19 Dec 1997

Yesterday Aardvark reported on how a confidential mailing list used for distributing the ACT Goss newsletter by email was accidentally copied to all the recipients on that list.

Well it appears that ACT are not alone in suffering from such problems. Customers of Fleet Bank in the USA found themselves the recipients of hundreds of items of unsolicited commercial email this week due to a very similar mistake.

An error in the configuration of the Bank's e-mailing list saw the entire list of recipient's included in a message sent to all its customers who responded to an on-line survey. As the result of a further problem, bona-fide recipients on the list also found their mailboxes filled with several hundred messages from the bank itself.

Aardvark is still collecting information yesterday's story and hopes to publish a follow-up later today.

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