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Intel's Net Ad Campaign Too Effective?
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8 Jan 1998

Have Your Say

For the past few months the Web has been blanketed in banner ads for the new Pentium II processor and it seems that the campaign has has been very effective, or perhaps too effective.

Thieves, obviously sold on the merits of Intel's new processor, this week stole over $1.2 million worth of Pentium II CPUs from the premises of Australian distributor Electronic Resources.

Police believe the chips were stolen in the knowledge that they would be very easy to sell thanks to the high demand for new PCs and upgrades.

There is speculation within the Australian computer industry that the stolen CPUs will be sent to markets in Asia.

The theft of CPUs and computer memory chips is becoming a significant problem due to their high value, small size and ready resale.

So, if the processor in your new PC seems to be running a little "hot" - perhaps it is!

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