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Amazon.com closes its doors?
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8 Jan 1998

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Anyone attempting to visit Amazon.com, one of the largest and most established commerce sites on the Net is currently (as of 13:00GMT) being greeted with a message that says:

"We're Sorry our store is closed temporarily, if you enter your e-mail address, we'll notify you as soon as we reopen"

According to Amazon, the problem is the result of unscheduled maintenance which has meant taking the site down temporarily while all systems are checked.

Amazon emphasized that there has been no attack on the site and that no databases or other components of the system have been affected in any way.

Spokesperson Kay Dangaard said "We just want to check the system and make sure its 100% before we put it back up, it's an internal maintenance situation".

The outage is not expected to last for more than a few hours.

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