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ISOCNZ fields increasing criticism
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15 Jan 1998

Have Your Say

ISOCNZ, the Internet Society of New Zealand has come under renewed attack for failing to fulfill some of the rolls and objectives for which it was created. It would appear that moves are afoot to call a Special General Meeting in order to address the growing concerns of some members and others in the local Net industry.

Several industry members have criticised ISOCNZ for its lack of activity, particularly with respect to reforming the issue of domain names. Despite assurances that this operation would be put up for tender, the company formed by ISOCNZ last year, DomaiNZ, still enjoys a monopoly in this area.

As one person pointed out - even the ISOCNZ Web site is languishing through lack of attention with no sign of the minutes of the 1997 AGM held on December 2 last year. It behooves an Internet Society to make better use of its industry's own technology.

The present round of debate over the society's performance was kicked off by a discussion on usenet regarding the moderation of domain names after one enterprising individual, Simon Green, applied for and was granted proz.ac.nz. Other Net users commented that the .ac.nz domain should be controlled so as to restrict its use to academic institutions as was the original intention when the domain was created.

At present, only the .mil and .gov domains are moderated by DomaiNZ although some people have complained that their attempts to register names under the .iwi.nz have been declined. There is now some debate as to whether the .ac domain should also be restricted although it's acknowledged that the growing variety of educational institutions may make it more problematic than once was the case.

This story is still developing and Aardvark will be seeking comment from several of those involved for another article later in the week.

In the mean time, readers are invited to participate in the discussion thread on the matter which is currently running in the Aardvark Forums.

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