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19 Jan 1998

Have Your Say

For the first time in New Zealand, a television program is being simultaneously broadcast on a free-to-air TV channel and on the Web.

The programme, "Visions of the World", which screens at 8:30pm on Television One is also being webcast from the World Vision Web site at www.worldvision.org.nz.

IT VideoV executive producer, Scott Mathias says his company volunteered to process the footage for the webcast on behalf of World Vision. "The concept of putting television programmes online will have wide ramifications for broadcasting" says Mathias. "Ultimately it means viewers can watch and reply television programmes from all over the world at any time. It's wonderful that a humanitarian organisation wil be one of the first to benefit from this technology. 35,000 people die from starvation every day and this will enable a potentially huge world wide audience to participate in caring for their world"

World Vision executive direct or Colin Prentice is similarly enthusiastic. "It's great to see technology used in such a positive way" he said.

Those wishing to view the webcast will need to have the RealVideo browser-plug-in installed on their computers. Those who don't yet have this plug-in can download it from a link at the World Vision web site.

What do you think about the potential for video on the Net? Will it ultimately become "on demand" TV? Why not Have Your Say

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