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NZ bandwidth providers can't keep up
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20 Jan 1998

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It appears that a small but growing number of NZ-based Internet content providers are finding it necessary to move away from local telcos in the quest for more bandwidth.

IT VideoV, New Zealand's leading purveyor of streaming video content has announced that it's switching from its existing bandwidth provider to Telstra.

In a press release, Scott Mathias, executive producer for IT VideoV and managing director of MATCOM Global PR said "the new arrangement takes us away from New Zealand based telcos which found difficulty in providing us with satisfactory bandwidth through which to stream RealVideo. As more than 60% of our site traffic comes from international domains, the Telstra circuit now gives us unrestricted access into Australia, Asia including Japan and China, North America and Telstra's growing European network."

The most impressive demonstration of IT VideoV's services is the webcast of last night's TV1 World Vision documentary. This webcast can be found at the IT VideoV Web site.

As streaming video and audio services become more popular on the Net, increasing consideration will have to be given to the comparitively limited bandwidth between New Zealand and the rest of the world.

A number of NZ operated sites targeting a global audience are finding it almost mandatory to operate their servers outside of NZ. A good example of this is the NZ owned and operated, 7am News (Note: the writer must declare his involvement in 7am News), a service that now receives over 10 million user-sessions per month and which has had to switch to a US-based server linked to the Web through a 100Mb/S fibre-optic connection in order to keep up with the demand for bandwidth.

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