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23 Jan 1998

Have Your Say

Offering an array of prizes, some of questionable value, an Australian firm, www.Consult has launched an on-line survey at www.nzsurvey.co.nz.

Included in the prize list are 300 copies of Netscape Communicator, valued at $143.04 per copy. Perhaps someone should have told them that observers are picking Netscape to start giving away its browser product as early as next week, as reported in this story from Wired. Breaking News: It's official, Netscape has decided to give its browser away!.. Story...

Aside from that minor faux-pas, the prize list is comprehensive in scope if not scale. Trendy brand-promotion products from Netscape such as caps, watches and backpacks are sure to attract at least some who are willing to exchange a few minutes of their time in return for the chance to win.

Microsoft has also contributed prizes too the pool, including their Wine Guide CDROM and several game titles.

The survey itself contains some 66 questions covering quite a wide range of Net related (and seemingly unrelated) matters.

www.consult, the company organising the survey, claims to be "Australia's leading Internet research and consulting company" and recently ran a similar survey in Australia.

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