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23 Jan 1998

Have Your Say

Since president Bill Clinton's alleged indiscretions hit the news earlier this week, news-hungry Web surfers have been flocking to news sites like flies.

Reports have been received of some news sites running several times slower than normal with timeouts becoming increasingly common.

7am News click-through logs for yesterday show that stories about the Clinton scandal are receiving three-times as much activity as those on other subjects and overall user-sessions are up by over 20% for the day.

This is not the first time the Web bas been slowed by Net surfers eager to get the latest information on breaking news. Last year, when the Mars Pathfinder mission landed on the red planet, servers all over the world were overloaded by the huge levels of traffic curious Net users generated.

Similar problems occured when the death of Princess Diana was reported, the Web rapidly proving its worth as an a very popular news-source. At that time numerous story-specific sites were created to capitalise on the huge levels of public interest.

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