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It's Four to One Against Magaziner
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24 Jan 1998

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The US Government's control of the DNS, a system which is the very heart of the Internet, faces significant challenge now that four major parties involved in its reorganization have reached consensus.

The four players are POC, CORE, ISOC and IANA. They have thrown their weight behind the formation of 7 new top-level domains while Clinton appointee, Ira Magaziner, has yet to disclose his final stance.

To date, Magaziner has indicated a preference to restrict the number of top-level domains to those which currently exist (.com, .org, .net) effectively keeping control within the USA.

It is speculated that the reasons for Magaziner's stance is to placate US big-business interests and trademark lobbiests.

Membership of CORE (the Council of Registrars formed to sell domain names under the proposed new system) will now be opened up to new applicants. Originally the membership of CORE was closed on October 16 of last year and currently stands at 88. This move has the endorsement of ISOC and IANA.

CORE is supporting the move to turn IANA into a non-profit organization by indemnifing it against legal challenges to its authority.

To date, NSI has had control of both the root and top level domains. It is proposed that IANA will take physical control over the root zone contents from NSI, leaving NSI to administer only the existing top level domains.

If the 7 gTLDs are approved, they will be rolled out over a period of time with several weeks between each.

Some commentators are speculating that if Magaziner's position is at odds with the consensus of the other parties the result could be a protracted negotiation. There is also the potential for IANA to act unilaterally in taking back physical control of the root zone and set up the new top level domains, a move which would most certainly cause upset in some camps.

The industry awaits Magaziner's call.

This story will be updated as new information comes to hand

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