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Simply Shareware responds to speculation
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10 Feb 1998

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Yesterday Aardvark carried a story speculating that the recent liquidation of Simply Shareware might have been due to the competition posed by "free" shareware and freeware sites on the Web.

Russell Pratt, of Simply Shareware has since contacted Aardvark and says that the company was put into liquidation on February 2nd due to major health problems. According to the email received yesterday, Pratt is taking a 6 month break with no guarantee that he'll be able to return to full-time hours after that. "So rather than bring a great little business to its' knees over the next few months I decided the responsible thing to do was to liquidate the company and start again further down the track" says Pratt.

"As for the company itself - it has been an extremely profitable entity over the past four years. It is has withstood the march of the internet in the same way it withstood the proliferation of Bulletin Boards a few years ago. Our WEB site generated over $10,000 of income in its first 60 days of trading - hardly a lemon."

If Pratt's figures are correct then his operation, far from being a victim, may have actually been NZ's most successful e-commerce site.

In closing, Pratt says "To the literally hundreds of customers who have written extending their sympathies.... my sincere thanks. To the handful or so of tall poppy choppers - be assured - the Phoenix will rise again."

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