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Power failure kills some Auckland ISPs and Web sites
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21 Feb 1998

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A major power failure expected to last up to 7 days has affected the Central Business District of New Zealand's largest city, Auckland, creating major problems for some ISPs and Web-site operators.

The power failure, caused by three faulty cables connecting the centre of Auckland to the national power grid has thrown the central city area in to chaos with only those businesses and organisations lucky enough to have their own generation facilities able to continue normal operation.

Auckland ISP Internet Exchange is currently running on generator power and has turned off some of its less essential equipment to minimise load.

Several of the country's leading Web sites including TVNZ, @IDG and NBR are presently "off the air" with little chance of re-appearing before late next week when the cable faults are expected to be repaired.

At least one of New Zealand's leading Web design and hosting companies, Clear View have also been hit and this has meant that most of their clients' web sites , including several large corporations are unreachable.

Other downtown ISP operations such as Telecom Xtra, iProlink and ClearNet appear to be still operative, most likely operating on generator power or lucky enough to be outside the problem areas.

Regular updates on the status of the power problems is available from Mercury Energy's Web site.

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