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Power failure continues to affect some ISPs and Web sites
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22 Feb 1998

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It does not look good for some ISPs and Web sites this week as Auckland's Central Business District (CBD) heads into an extended period of up to 7 days without electricity.

The failure of four cables carrying power to the CBD has put a number of Web sites off the air and has forced both Xtra and ClearNet to revert to generator-based power.

Xtra is confident that their generation capacity is up to the task and is busy relocating some of the Web-site production staff to new locations outside the affected area.

ClearNet however have posted a notice on their site advising users that there may be problems as their generator may be unable to meet the full demand for power.

Another ISP affected by the outage, Internet Exchange has organised temporary standby generation facilities but has been forced to take its news server and ftp servers off-line until sometime next week. Some of their dial-up lines have also been affected.

Although NBR and other Web sites hosted by ClearView returned to life for a while on Sunday, they were again "off the air" on Sunday night when this story was written. Aardvark is awaiting more information on ClearView's plans to organise some kind of alternative hosting for their clients. They are located in Karangahape Road, one of the areas currently blacked-out by the power failure and their portfolio of clients includes a number of large companies and corporations.

Surprisingly the TVNZ web sites tvone.co.nz and tvnz.co.nz are also off the air, even though the broadcaster has enough generation capacity to continue the operation of their TV studio operations.

An alternative source of programme scheduling information can be accessed through the remote control on the Aardvark front page

Regular updates on the status of the power problems is available from Mercury Energy's Web site and 7am News is currently providing a regularly updated feature section titled Auckland, a city in crisis.

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