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High-speed Net access for lucky few
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27 Feb 1998

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While some Auckland residents think them selves lucky just to have any kind of Internet access during the central city power crisis, life is much rosier for 300 lucky residents in the Wellington suburbs of Khandallah and Ngaio.

A trial of Telecom's ADSL service is bringing the customers high a speed Internet service (through XTRA) and a movie channel from FIRST TV.

"ADSL allows high speed data transmission over the customer's existing telephone line. The data can be split into streams which means that several different services can be offered over the one line", Telecom's Quentin Bright said.

Bright says that Net users could achieve speeds of up to 640Kbps using the ADSL service. As with ISDN connections, ADSL also supports concurrent data and voice over the same line.

Not only will those on the ADSL trial be the envy of other Net users because of this speed, they'll also be jealous of the rates being offered. Installation is a one-time fee of $80 and Internet access is a flat-rate $69 per month, cheaper than the nearest other flat-rate high-speed competitor - IHUG's StarNet.

For an extra $6 per month, those on the ADSL trial can also get the First TV package, although there are additional pay-per-view charges for some movies.

The trial is expected to last around 6 months and Bright says "ADSL is an emerging technology - exciting and with great promise - however we still need to monitor performance on the telephone lines and exchange and further test the equipment used at both the customer's home and on your network. The Khandallah trial will enable Telecom to do this work so that we can bring ADSL to a wider New Zealand market as soon as possible.

People in the Khandallah area will receive more information about the trial by direct mail in the next two or three weeks.

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