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Speculator Spends Over $15,000 on New Zealand Domain Names
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19 Mar 1998

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While researching yesterday's story on US versus NZ domain name prices I found a great deal of activity in the Domainz "activity queue".

As of mid-day yesterday, an individual by the name of John Walker had submitted 166 different domain names for registration. Aardvark attempted to contact Walker for comment but he has yet to respond to messages left on his cellphone.

Many of these names are clearly speculative and it is obvious that Mr Walker has spent in excess of $15,000 in registering them.

While previous attempts at profiting from domain name speculation in New Zealand have shown little return to date, the level of investment made by Walker is a clear indication of his confidence in the market.

As is the case in the USA, an increasingly cluttered namespace will eventually result in "desirable" domain names increasing in value. The fact that at least one New Zealand domain name has already changed hands for a four-figure sum may be an indicator that speculation is at last be turning into a viable activity for those clever enough to correctly anticipate the "hot property".

Here is a full list of the domains found in the queue yesterday and subsequently appearing as registered to John Walker:

   000.co.nz            great.co.nz
   000.net.nz           h-b.co.nz
   001.co.nz            h-i.co.nz
   010.co.nz            h-q.co.nz
   011.co.nz            hair.net.nz
   012.co.nz            hols.co.nz
   021.co.nz            homesmart.co.nz
   025.co.nz            i-2.co.nz      
   1-1.co.nz            i-c.co.nz      
   100.co.nz            i-d.co.nz      
   100.net.nz           i-i.co.nz      
   101.co.nz            i-q.co.nz      
   111.co.nz            i-t.co.nz      
   111.net.nz           iam.co.nz      
   123.net.nz           j-p.co.nz      
   2-2.co.nz            j-w.co.nz      
   2000.net.nz          jet.net.nz     
   222.co.nz            jjj.co.nz      
   303.co.nz            kiweb.co.nz    
   333.co.nz            kiweb.net.nz   
   4cast.co.nz          m-e.co.nz      
   4site.co.nz          m-m.co.nz      
   500.co.nz            me2.co.nz      
   505.co.nz            met.net.nz     
   555.co.nz            n-b.co.nz      
   777.co.nz            n-c.co.nz      
   8-8.co.nz            n-t.co.nz      
   800.co.nz            n-z.co.nz      
   800.net.nz           n-z.net.nz     
   808.co.nz            nest.net.nz    
   888.net.nz           net-net.net.nz 
   900.co.nz            new.co.nz      
   909.co.nz            new.net.nz     
   911.co.nz            nnn.co.nz      
   999.co.nz            notes.co.nz    
   a-1.net.nz           notice.co.nz   
   a-a.co.nz            now.co.nz      
   a-b.co.nz            now.net.nz     
   a-z.co.nz            o-e.co.nz      
   aaa.net.nz           o-h.co.nz      
   abc.net.nz           o-k.co.nz      
   athome.co.nz         o-n.co.nz      
   b-a.co.nz            o-o.co.nz      
   b-e.co.nz            ooo.co.nz      
   bbb.co.nz            p-c.co.nz      
   bet.net.nz           p-o.co.nz      
   buy.co.nz            p-p.co.nz      
   c-a.co.nz            p-q.co.nz      
   c-c.co.nz            p-r.co.nz      
   c-d.co.nz            p-s.co.nz      
   c-o.co.nz            pet.co.nz      
   c-v.co.nz            pet.net.nz     
   c21.co.nz            pics.co.nz     
   carsmart.co.nz       q-a.co.nz      
   cash.co.nz           q-c.co.nz      
   cast.net.nz          q-m.co.nz      
   co-co.co.nz          q-s.co.nz      
   concerts.co.nz       q-t.co.nz      
   coz.co.nz            qqq.co.nz      
   d-j.co.nz            quick.co.nz    
   d-o.co.nz            r-r.co.nz      
   ddd.co.nz            rent.net.nz    
   dv8.co.nz            see.co.nz      
   e-z.co.nz            servicesmart.co.nz
   eee.co.nz            set.net.nz        
   ent.net.nz           sounz.co.nz       
   enter.net.nz         t-o.co.nz         
   est.co.nz            t-t.co.nz         
   ezi.co.nz            tech.co.nz        
   ezi.net.nz           ten.net.nz         
   fff.co.nz            tender.co.nz       
   fine.co.nz           too.co.nz          
   first.net.nz         ttt.co.nz          
   fish.net.nz          two.co.nz          
   g-a.co.nz            vet.net.nz         
   g-g.co.nz            virtual-law.co.nz  
   g-p.co.nz            virtual-office.co.nz
   g-v.co.nz            virtualoffice.co.nz 
   gardenz.net.nz       virtualreality.co.nz
   get.net.nz           vrx.co.nz           
   getaway.co.nz        x-x.co.nz           
   ggg.co.nz            xyz.co.nz           
   go-nz.co.nz          yyy.co.nz           
   goodfood.co.nz       zzz.co.nz           
One thing is clear. Mr Walker must have very deep pockets.

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