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Xtra seeks to make e-commerce easy
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26 Mar 1998

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To date, creating a shopping site on the NZ Web has required engaging the services of a Web development company and involved significant expense. A new product launched yesterday by Xtra seeks to change that.

The new product, BusinessBuilder offers to lower the entry barriers for small and large retailers looking to make the move into Internet-based shopping.

Through the provision of hosting and a suite of support software, the BusinessBuilder package allows retailers to create their own online shopping site for as little as $1,250+GST plus a monthly rental of $179+GST.

In a press release issued yesterday, Nevin Grieve, electronic commerce manager for Telecom Internet Services said "This is the first time such a simple, value for money, Internet-based trading solution has been offered in New Zealand".

Grieve also says that BusinessBuilder is the first in a series of initiatives for XTRA in the electronic commerce marketplace. Planned for the future are supply chain management and automated banking settlement solutions.

More information on the BusinessBuilder product is available on the XTRA Web site at: www.xtra.co.nz/businessbuilder/

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