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No Advertorial Reviews Here! From time to time I review products that I think may be of value to Aardvark readers. Occasionally, vendors who are confident in the quality and value that their products provide will even ask me to review their wares - full marks to them!

Aardvark reviews tend to be a lot more critical than those you'll find on other sites or in the print media. I can afford to cast a more critical gaze because I'm not reliant on selling advertising to the suppliers whose products I review. In fact, I have a strict policy of not carrying advertising for a product within 4 weeks of a review being published. I also try to provide, as part of the review, the information needed to contact the vendor if a reader wishes to purchase.

In effect, when I publish a favourable review I'm eliminating the need for a vendor to advertise here - and when I publish a bad review they probably wouldn't want to advertise anyway.

All this means that you won't find any "advertorial" reviews on Aardvark, just the cold hard facts.

If a product gets my approval then I like to think you can buy it with confidence as I do not issue my endorsement very often and it can't be bought at any price.

As a result of this policy, Aardvark reviews tend to carry a good deal of weight and given the significant number of decision-makers who read regularly Aardvark, that can either be great for sales - or a disaster, depending on how well a product stacks up.

Submitting products for review Any hardware or software vendor who has a product they would like reviewed is welcome to contact me to discuss the process.

Due to limited time I can't review every product offered for submission so I tend to select only those which I think are going to be of interest to my readers.

If you're an Aardvark reader who'd like to see a particular product reviewed, contact me and I'll see what I can do. If the supplier of that product is unwilling to provide a sample for review, I'll let you know and you can draw your own conclusions.

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