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Dateline: 13 April 2000 Early Edition
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A Pot Pouri Of Points
I'm still working at 110% capacity right now so today will be short and sweet with just a few brief points.

If you had a second phone line installed some time ago -- check and see how much you're paying for it. Did you know that Telecom have been offering a second line for $29/month recently.

A number of readers have written and said that they'd been paying the full rental on their second line and on complaining, not only had the rental reduced but also received a credit for the overpayments they'd made since the new deal became available.

During my raves about the "new economy" initiatives I'd like to see launched by the government I've received several emails that have said it might just be "too risky" to invest too much in a new economy. Indeed, one could almost argue that with the Nasdaq stock index plunging like a lead balloon one could be tempted to lend some credence to such warnings.

However... we must not forget that our traditional export industries are not without risks of their own -- witness the discovery of the small bee mite that threatens to devastate our honey, live-bee export, and horticulture industries.

The estimated value of bees to the NZ economy is $2 billion -- yes, $2,000,000,000.

Likewise, an outbreak of fruit-fly, foot and mouth, anthrax, mad cow disease, gypsy moth, or any number of other bio-agents could wreak havoc on some of our key industries.

Nobody in favour of building a new economy has ever suggested that we ditch agriculture and horticulture -- but doesn't it make good sense to strengthen our economy by adding another string to its bow?

Building a KBE here in NZ is not an option, it's not a "good idea", it's an absolute necessity!

Finally, for your amusement -- here is the winner of the oxymoron URL of the year award:


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