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Dateline: 4 May 2000 Early Edition
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No time, no time...
Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, I've run out of time this AM so there won't be an editorial.

However, it's nice to see that IDG still finds Aardvark a good source of inspiration and story angles :-)

Free republic-ation rights available on request :-)

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Load in new window 2Day.com makes ICANN status
Auckland domain name specialist, 2day.com has been accredited as an ICANN registrar, meaning it can .com .net and .org domain names in competition with big players like Network Solutions...

Load in new window Australian teacher who met 14-year-old on Internet to stand trial
A Melbourne school teacher has been committed to stand trial for the alleged sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl he met through an Internet chatroom...

Is this old scam still working?
Load in new window 'Free porn' scam leaves Singapore surfers much poorer
A "free" pornography scam luring Singapore Internet users keen on an erotic website has left viewers with an unexpected shock - huge international telephone bills...

Load in new window E-asy pickings for Net firms dry up
YOUNG Internet executives here's some simple advice: If you don't have it, don't spend it...
Australian IT

Load in new window Cybercrime Solution Has Bugs
A draft treaty to fight cybercrime could have some privacy-invading side effects. Critics say the Council of Europe's plan could restrict anonymous remailers and even Linux utilities...

Load in new window MP3.com Bands Dis Disclosure
Artists with their music up for grabs at MP3.com are not happy that the site is publicly posting their financial earnings without permission. MP3.com says it's about ending secrecy in the music industry...

Load in new window Can cash-strapped merchants survive without links?
To many online merchants, the idea seemed irresistibly simple: More traffic means more money, so it made perfect sense to get the most exposure possible on the largest Web portals, regardless of cost...

Load in new window Sun's McNealy Takes Aim at Dot-Coms With 'Top 10' List
Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy took a cue from David Letterman while speaking to investors at a computer technology conference on Wednesday, reading his top 10 list of ``Signs a Company's Market Cap Is Inflated.''...

Load in new window Novell Stocks Plunge By a Third
Shares of Novell Inc. plunged more than a third Wednesday after the business software maker said second-quarter earnings would fall short of Wall Street expectations because of competition from the Windows 2000 and Linux operating systems...

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