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Dateline: 18 May 2000 Early Edition
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Load in new window Telecom rural subsidy 'not on'
Regional Development Minister Jim Anderton has ruled out Government subsidies for Telecom to provide rural areas with new technology...
NZ Herald

Load in new window Chris Tyler arrested over cocaine charge in 1981: report
The former head of Solution 6, Chris Tyler, was reportedly arrested in the United States on cocaine charges almost 20 years ago...

Load in new window Claims Axed in PlayStation Suit
A federal judge dismisses most charges in Sony's suit against a company that sells software for playing its games on home computers. Sony vows to press on with remaining claims...

Load in new window Slashdot struck by denial-of-service attacks
Slashdot.org, the "news for nerds" Web site popular among Linux fans, fell victim to a series of hacker attacks for three days last week...

Load in new window Glitch sends Yahoo Calendar data astray
Yahoo account holders are battling a vexing calendar problem--and a potentially serious privacy violation--in which the portal is sending their calendar reminders to the wrong people...

Load in new window Oracle Unveils Internet File System
Ellison says the iFS is the first file system designed for the Internet...

Load in new window G8 Wants Cooperation on Cybercrime
Imagine Intel or Microsoft riding posse with the Feds to track down vandals on the Internet. It isn't happening yet, but the world's most powerful industrial nations - desperate to combat global Internet attacks - made an unprecedented appeal Wednesday to the business world to help police the Web...

Load in new window Gov't Filing Microsoft Rebuttal
The government will defend its proposed breakup of Microsoft in what essentially will be the last official word before a federal judge holds a hearing on what remedies to impose on the company's business practices...

Load in new window Microsoft's 'Clippy' a security nightmare?
The power behind the oft-unused and much maligned paper clip assistant can help others break into Windows computers...

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