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Dateline: 23 May 2000 Early Edition
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Changes In The Wind
Aardvark may be taking a break for the next few days as I work on the "all new singing and dancing, bells and whistles, features-galore" version of the site.

It's been a long time since I gave the site a makeover and since then both the demands of the market and the technology used to deliver the content has changed.

I have some ideas I want to try out and I'll be including them in the new site -- but it's not too late for you to contribute any ideas you might have.

Send me any suggestions and if there's a concensus or if I think they're good, and time allows, I'll include them.

I hope you'll give me a few days to make the changes and that you'll be pleased with the results.


Free republic-ation rights available on request :-)

Currently Under Test -- Feedback Welcomed


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Load in new window Consumer warning on free ISPs
CONSUMERS should be careful with the personal details they provide when signing up with a free ISP...
Australian IT

Load in new window New Virus Unleashed On MS Outlook Users
Several US companies have been bitten by a new, deadlier version of the “Love Bug” computer virus sneaking in via Microsoft’s Outlook Express, and it may already be headed toward your home computer...

Load in new window Real's Easy Listening
Forget about codecs and file formats. RealNetworks' new Entertainment Center hopes to bring digital music to the masses...

Load in new window Second Failure Stokes UK Internet Gloom
Internet confidence took a fresh beating in Britain on Monday when a second start-up within a week said it was folding...

Load in new window Linux gurus: Beware of Napster
Many open-source-influenced Napster users will be shocked to hear its leaders praise lawsuits by Metallica and others...

Load in new window Victoria's Secret Again Strains The Web
For viewers, the rewards were obvious. But for IT, the Victoria's Secret lingerie fashion show, webcast onThursday from Cannes, France, was one heck of achallenge -- and the resulting traffic jam on the Internet left some fashion fans out in the cold...

Load in new window Trapped UK Officer Messages Wife From S.Leone Bush
A British officer trapped by rebels in Sierra Leone managed to smuggle out a message to his wife assuring her he was ``fit and well and in good spirits,'' the defense ministry said on Monday...

Load in new window Napster gets new CEO, $15 million infusion
Music-swapping company Napster got a new chief executive and received $15 million in venture capital from Hummer Winblad, a Napster representative said...

Load in new window Public review of name rules
AUSTRALIA'S domain name rules will get their first public review with the launch of what promises to be a controversial inquiry...
Australian IT

There used to be a link jere to the Domainz news -- but since they changed the site it seems there is no longer any such page -- and they haven't told me whether they still want the service previously provided by Aardvark. Go figure.

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