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Lighten Up 8 September 2000 Edition
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Welcome to your weekly dose of what's funny and what's just plain wierd on the Internet.

The Bumper Dumper
There's not much I can really say about this except that for some reason, it really had me cracking up. Thanks to the several readers who suggested it.

Only in America I guess!

Readers Say
Since Advantage[Group] obviously read this column - Karen
Yesterday's Comments

Have Your Say

Top Aussies
This had me in fits too. Once again, several readers sent in this contribution which is probably rather topical that the Sydney Olympics start shortly.

The NZ Resident Doctors Assn
Now this isn't supposed to be funny -- but I thought it rather humorous and have decided to call it the "Internet Security by honesty method" of protecting your sensitive data.

Click on "Newsletter" in the left-hand frame and read the warning. Then go off and read all that "confidential" information.

The Kiwi eZine Scene
I sometimes think that one of the reasons Aardvark scores so many local visitors each day is because, outside of the major news sites, there's just such a dearth of good, regularly updated content on the NZ Web.

Well I did a little research the other day and found out that although there have been casualties on the local eZine scene -- The Plug and Isotope to mention a couple -- there are a few good "regular reads" still available.

As the name might suggest, this is not going to be everyone's cup of tea and comes with an R18 warning -- it's for a mature audience but not necessarily sexual in content.

There's some funny stuff in there and I'd certainly recommend taking a look -- but only if you're 18 or over of course.

One of the longest-lived local eZines, NZine is a far more "family oriented" publication that is bound to have a little something for everyone and always seems to have something new on its pages.

Unfortunately it seems that eZines are still a pretty rare beast -- in fact NZ Netguide isn't even including them as a category when asking for nominations in 4 this year's Netguide Awards.

Have I missed any? Readers are invited to let me know what other bits of regularly updated local content they've discovered on the NZ Web.

How about that MP3.com decision?
So, MP3.com have been found guilty of infringing the copyright of music publishers and has to pay out something like half a billion NZ$ in damages.

What do you think? Is this fair? -- particularly in light of the fact that the plaintiffs were unable or unwilling to prove that a MP3.com's activities had actually caused any loss of revenue or profit.

Kiwi Cops Using The Net
It's good to see that the police are once again turning to the Net in an attempt to help solve a crime.

4 The Operation Winter website is an excellent initiative by police which solicits information and keeps the public informed as to the events surrounding the incident and subsequent police-work.

Maybe they should have done something like this with the Waitara shooting so that the perceived veil of secrecy didn't taint public opinion of the police's actions and they were able to deliver their side of the story without the media adding its own "spin" to events?

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

Security Alerts
Word documents susceptible to "Web bug" infestation (CNet)

Trojan horse rears its head on Palms (CNet)

PGP Email Security Flaw Fixed (AP)

Glitch leaves IM contact lists vulnerable (CNet)

Input Validation Problem In rpc.statd (CERT)

Experts corroborate Windows, IE security hole (CNet)

Virus Alerts
Killer Virus Streaming Near You (InternetNews)

'Pokey' virus hits U.S. (CNN)

New strain of "Love" virus steals passwords (CNet)

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The Day's Top News
4 = open in new window
New Zealand

4  New Domainz CEO interim only
The Internet Society will hire an interim chief executive to manage Domainz until a working party report into the structure of the registry operation in New Zealand is completed...

4  Wellington tops brain-drain list
Wellington is the biggest victim of New Zealand's "brain drain", losing more young professionals to jobs overseas than any other centre, according to new migration statistics...

4  Watson pushes FlyingPig shuffle
New Zealand's largest appliance retailer, the Pacific Retail Group, is considering boosting its investment in fledgling internet store FlyingPig...
NZ Herald


4  Online Prices Not Created Equal
Variable pricing has hit the Web. Amazon charges different prices for the same products depending on who visits, and that's hacking off some loyal customers...

4  AmEx unveils "disposable" credit card numbers
American Express today announced a new suite of online security and privacy products, the first of which is a "disposable" credit card number for its members...

4  FTC orders porn sites to pay up
The Federal Trade Commission today announced a $37.5 million judgment against the operators of at least six Internet pornography sites who billed customers for services they didn't purchase...

4  More Than 295 Million Worldwide Log On At Home
In most countries, more people have Internet access at home than at work, Nielsen/NetRatings' report finds...

4  Sega Seeks Net Profits
It's No. 3 with dark-horse Microsoft fast approaching, so Sega turns to ISP services to put them back in the black. SegaNet adds head-to-head play to games such as Quake...


4  Free Net access docks in Sydney
IBM has moored a large pontoon in Darling Harbour offering free Internet access for the duration of the Olympics...

4  Wayne's World belongs in Tomorrowland
HIS name is Bos, Wayne Bos, and those who put their faith in the renowned dotcom deal-maker are praying that tomorrow never dies...

4  Telstra to consider its options
D-day has arrived for Suausage Software, with Telstra to decide if it will exercise the first in a series of options, which would take its total holding to about 20pc of the expanded capital...

4  Surfboard contractors' future in doubt
MINING and e-commerce company Surfboard has put most of its workers on notice that they might be asked to leave within the next 30 days...
Australian IT


4  SafetyTips.com Unit Buys APBnews.com for $575,000
The fate of crime news Internet site APBnews.com was finally determined Thursday after SafetyTips.com Inc. bought the assets of APB Online Inc. for $575,000 cash...

4  Web vandal strikes again for Napster
With the equivalent of digital graffiti, one vandal protests the music industry's lawsuit against Napster...

4  Microsoft's surgical strike team
Their job is to watch the Linux, Unix and NetWare competition. But some rivals claim that spreading FUD is part of Doug Miller & Co.'s job, too...

4  MP3.com decision a misguided one
I'm not usually in the business of second-guessing a federal judge, but U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff's order that MP3.com (MPPP) pay $118,000 ($25,000 per CD) to Universal Music strikes me as lunacy...

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