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Lighten Up 15 September 2000 Edition
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4 My Homepage Funny Warning, may offend
I this page isn't half as funny if you've got your images turned off -- in fact when I first took a look I thought "yeah.. amusing.. but.." -- and then I loaded the images and fell off my chair with laughter.

It's almost believable until you get further down the page.

4 Christianity and carburetors Oddball
It's strange isn't it -- how God seems to single out some people and give them a unique insight into some piece of technology or some part of science. Of course some of those gifted with such holy insights often feel compelled to write a book about it and sell that book through the Internet -- in the name of all humankind. This lucky fellow credits God with helping him to develop a new carburetor system that will "increase efficiency 4-5 times."

4 The Searl Effect Oddball
Professor Searl is a brilliant guy. He has invented a magnetic motor "producing electric energy and, under certain conditions, an anti-gravity effect that can be used for propulsion."

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This genius has built and flown something called a "levity disk" (is that's because it's so laughable I wonder?) and now he's prepared to share all his wealth of information with YOU -- oh... for a price of course.

But don't think this man of science is without an artful side -- check out his site and you'll find that he even gives us a poem (and he doesn't charge for that little freebie!).

Also check out pictures of his anti-gravity disks hovering over such familiar landmarks as London, Buckingham Palace, the White House lawn and others.

Now where did I put my credit-card. It must be true -- I saw it on the Net!

10 Things You Can Do With A Kiwi Dollar
Okay, here's a challenge for readers. Given the NZ dollar's recent death-defying plunge, I'd like to build a list of new, novel and decidedly funny uses for the newly deflated Kiwi dollar.

Please send me your suggestions and I'll publish them in next week's Lighten Up section.

A New Section
I've had so much feedback on the Kiwi brain drain issue that next week I'll be adding a new section to this site in which readers will be able to post comments describing why they have decided to leave, stay or return to NZ.

While the majority of comments received to date really do support the stats which suggest we're losing people at an increasing rate, there have been a few who have said that they're prepared to stick it out in the hope that things must get better (eventually).

If we can keep this area of the site ticking over with discussion and opinions "direct from the shop floor" so to speak, perhaps it will allow our politicians to gauge the effectiveness (or otherwise) of their proposed remedial policies.

Got a Job? Looking For Work?
When I redesigned this site a few months back, I added a number of links to the top of the page which I said would be activated over a period of time. Well good news -- the "Job Centre" link should be active as of Monday.

This will allow employers to post vacancies and workers to post notice of their availability free of charge.

This isn't a commercial operation -- the idea is simply to try and ensure that Aardvark's readers are able to find the workers they need -- or find the jobs they're seeking.

You'd better get those job descriptions and CVs ready.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

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Trojan horse rears its head on Palms (CNet)

PGP Email Security Flaw Fixed (AP)

Glitch leaves IM contact lists vulnerable (CNet)

Input Validation Problem In rpc.statd (CERT)

Experts corroborate Windows, IE security hole (CNet)

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Killer Virus Streaming Near You (InternetNews)

'Pokey' virus hits U.S. (CNN)

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

4  Online marketing not hit and hope
Nasdaq fortunes may dip and spike, but there seems to be no shortage of online gurus offering e-marketing advice...
NZ Herald

4  Digital pullout spoils boom year for TVNZ
A decision to write off nearly $13 million from its aborted foray into digital television has marred an otherwise bumper year for Television New Zealand...
NZ Herald

4  Kiwi lingerie site expands
Lingerie online is apparently doing fine and is nowhere near going, er, bust. Internet-based company JenniferAnn.com, which sells lingerie, perfume and handbags online to the world, is growing and has taken on more staff...


4  Windows ME Bugged by Flaw
Computers running the Web TV for Windows program can be hacked into from the Internet. The problem existed in Windows 98, and has not been corrected in Windows ME...

4  Canada's Kids at Risk, Too
The Canadian government wants to enact legislation to protect children from exposure to sex and violence on the Internet and in video games...

4  Microsoft adjusts sign-on feature to patch Windows 2000
The software giant says it will release a software patch to fix a hole in its Windows 2000 operating system that could leak usernames and passwords to unauthorized individuals...

4  Many e-tailers dodge phone calls to cut costs
Yobie Benjamin needed to send a friend some money. So, like many Internet executives bullish about online commerce, he thought he'd try an unfamiliar yet promising new Web service to do it...

4  Polling company drops spam suit against ISPs
N.Y.--A polling company has withdrawn a lawsuit that accused several Internet service providers of blocking correspondence with as many as 2.7 million of its 6.6 million online panelists...


4  Head of Melbourne IT falls on his own URL
Melbourne IT confirmed its status as the fallen glabour internet stock of the year yesterday when it revealed a further deterioration in trading and parted company with its chief executive, Peter Gerrand...

4  Spike ditches Radio
SPIKE Networks has closed its Los Angeles-based Spike Internet Radio unit and reported its net loss had widened to $26.87 million from $4.54 million last year...
Australian IT

4  Saving the worst 'til last
Access1, ChaosMusic, AdultShop and Jumbomall are among a raft of high-profile technology companies which held off revealing heavy losses for as long as possible...

4  Technology pins Web sites to the map
A revolutionary technology for pinpointing the geographic location of Web sites has been developed by two young entrepreneurs in country Queensland...
ZDNN Australia


4  Napster Launches Attack In RIAA Legal Battle
Napster says the RIAA made "serious errors" in its court filings and ignored or minimized legal precedents favorable to i...

4  Privacy Groups End Tie With Amazon
Two privacy groups that have criticized Amazon.com's practices in the past have decided to end partnership with the online bookseller to protest Amazon's changed privacy standards...

4  Linux users say SDMI contest a trick
Some Linux lovers say the record industry is using them as a free consulting service to improve Secure Digital Music Initiative encryption...

4  Courtney Love demands some MP3.com cash
The Grammy Award-winning singer says she will turn the tables on Universal and ask a court to fine the company for stealing her music...

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