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Telecom Launches Flat-Rate DSL
10:00am NZDT
It seems that Telecom has quietly slipped a flat-rate DSL offering out the door while nobody was looking.

The New JetStart package offers a 128Kbps service with "No time or usage limit."

Maybe the combination of Telstra/Saturn's broadband offering and IHUG's push to rev up their Ultra service is hurting the giant Telco's Internet operations?

The Worm That Ate Linux 18 January 2001 Edition
Previous Edition

Linux is generally perceived to be a fairly secure operating system. In fact many of its advocates claim with almost religious zeal that it is vastly more secure than anything Microsoft has to offer.

However, a chink in the armor of one Linux implementation has shown that good security is a lot more than just sensible software design.

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Jetstart... - Jamie

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JetStart... - Stan

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Red Hat's Linux is in the news today because of a worm known as "Ramen" which has become a self-propagating annoyance to system administrators across the globe.

While the destructive effects of the worm are limited -- the mere fact that it exists and has been able to infect thousands of servers is yet another wake-up call for everyone who has a computer connected to the Net.

Speaking Of Security...
Sometimes I get the impression that the Internet industry is really maturing and that the day when anyone could grab a PC, a digital camera, a copy of FrontPage and call themselves a web-designer is over.

And then I discover something like this site.

The presentation is not that bad (although nothing to write home about) -- but just try going straight to the button at the bottom of the page and clicking it without filling out any fields.

Just in case they've fixed it -- here's what I got this morning.

The web designers Channel-10.com, who seemingly produced this masterpiece also seem to have a few more problems elsewhere on the Web.

On this site they have included their little logo and self-promotion -- but clicking on it takes you to the westglide.co.nz domain, which in turn performs a redirect immediately to www.rave2.com -- an voice over IP provider.

Holster those shootin irons pardner!

Sorry... (Free) Lunch Is Off
It looks like free Internet access is rapidly becoming a thing of the past as yet another of the country's free ISPs announces a change to its terms.

FreeNet has decided to axe its unlimited free service in favour of generating some revenues.

The ISP says that it will continue to provide free Internet access -- but only for the first 10 hours of use each month. After that you'll have to pay up for a flat-rate account.

It appears that those who were lucky enough to get a ZFree account before they stopped accepting new users are the only ones who can (for the time being) look forward to enjoying a reasonable lunch for free. I have a suspicion however that ZFree won't be too far behind in trimming the quality or quantity of free service on offer.

The Weekly Trickles Out
This week's edition of the Weekly has started trickling out. It will probably take a day or so before they're all sent but they're on their way.

As always, your feedback is welcomed and...

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