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Chello Hits A Sour Note
11:20am NZDT
It looks as if the Saturn Chello flat-rate broadband service is about to be axed.

According to an email forwarded to Aardvark, the service is to be canned as of Feb 1 and it will be replaced by "Paradise Broadband" with no plans to make a flat-rate version available.

Lighten Up 19 January 2001 Edition
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Here they are -- readers' contributions of links to the stupidest, wierdest or just plain funniest sites on the Web.

Ghetto Scooter
This is a brilliant site -- one of the few that has caused me to burst into fits of uncontrolled laughter. Make sure you check out the videos. Yes folks -- this *IS* "Ginger"!
Category: hysterically funny

Beating The MP3 Noise?
Thanks to modern technology, anyone can cut a track, turn it into an MP3, put it on the Net and wait to be "discovered." The Worm Quartet have decided to try and cut through the noise of thousands of other wannabes by targeting their music to a distinct audience.
Category: Smart

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Lights Out Everyone
It's pretty hard to believe but they're pulling the plug on the electricity supply to some parts of California through the imposition of "rolling outages."

How, in the 21st century, can a country allow the hub of its hi-tech industries to be deprived of the very lifeblood it requires to function?

(Where is YOUR website hosted right now?)

I guess the reason is the same as that which saw NZ's hub of hi-tech without power for several weeks a couple of years ago -- bad management and bad planning.

Yesterday I reminded readers that it's important to make sure your computer systems are secure -- today perhaps it's time to remind everyone that it's also important to make sure that critical systems have sensible alternative power sources.

That UPS under the desk might be fine for a few minutes -- giving you enough protection to cope with the odd transient outage or brownout but what happens when the lights go off for a day or more?

Most bigger companies are well equipped with emergency generators these days but what about the growing number of small home-based operations? How would they cope?

The Bandwidth Wars Are Brewing
With IHUG heavily pushing its Ultra service (now with the tantalising prospect of ditching the phone line for Net access altogether), Telecom's launch of flat-rate DSL, TVNZ, Sky and Telstra Saturn all mumbling stuff about satellite services -- it would appear that broadband is about to hit New Zealand in a big (and affordable) way.

Maybe the real bonus of the year 2001 won't be free dialup Internet but low-cost broadband access for all -- let's hope so.

Now that the Southern Cross cable is in place, there's no reason why Kiwi web-surfers should have to put up with slow 1990's technology limiting their access to streaming media, MP3 downloads, and the latest online software updates.

The Weekly Trickles Out
This week's edition of the Weekly has started trickling out. It will probably take a day or so before they're all sent but they're on their way.

As always, your feedback is welcomed and...

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Security Alerts
Windows Media Player 7 opens system for hackers (IDG - 18/01/2001t)

Net worm hobbles Linux servers ZDNet - 18/01/2001)

Interbase Server Contains Compiled-in Back Door Account (CERT - 10/01/2001)

AIM Flaw Could Open Users' Computers to Attack (InternetNews)

Denial-of-Service Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP Stacks: (CERT)

Sun advises of a potential compromise of 2 specific security certificates (CERT)

Virus Alerts
Kriz virus makes return appearance (ZDNet)

Tool to beat killer Xmas virus promised (IDG)

Virus: Snow White not so innocent ZDNet

Wild Worm With Pro-Linux Message (Wired)

Antivirus firm says Shockwave virus spreading quickly (CNet)

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Seven months of intricate game-playing ended yesterday when the Government's radio spectrum auction closed. The auction of second-generation...
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4  Real-life bug the germ of ill will in antivirus industry
Last week, Spanish antivirus company Panda Software announced that five of its customers had been attacked by a new virus, known as HTML/LittleDavina, which deleted data on hard drives after dialing out to a site on the Web...

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The Internet age is about to intersect with the space age, and perceptions about what's possible on the Net may change forever...
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Internet search company AltaVista Co. Thursday said it laid off 200 employees or about 25 percent of its staff in its latest move to deal with the persistently weak online advertising market on which it depends for revenue...

4  And God Said: Let There Be Net
In the digital age, God -- not Al Gore, nor Tim Berners-Lee -- created the Internet. So says a Texas church that is changing its name to fellowshipchurch.com in order to market its message to Christians around the world...


4  Telecom confirms Optus bid
TELECOM New Zealand has become the first company to admit its interest in Cable & Wireless Optus to the competition watchdog....
Australian IT

4  Government gives $325 million for new research
The Australian Federal Government had allocated $325 million to foster worldclass research in fields ranging from ruralbased manufacturing to medical science and information technology, Industry and Science Minister Nick Minchin said today...

4  New economy 'must be made'
PRODUCTION and not just consumption of new technology would drive the new economy, members of the federal Government's top science committee told cabinet ministers privately last November...
Australian IT

4  Democrats hit out at New Economy stance
The Australian Democrats are maintaining pressure on the federal government over Australia's position in the information age...


4  Computer Hacker Enters Guilty Plea
A teen-age computer hacker accused of crippling several major Internet sites including CNN, Yahoo and Amazon.com, pleaded guilty on Thursday to 55 charges of mischief...

4  New H-1B Laws Roil Visa Foes
New rules for non-citizens working in the U.S. with H-1B visas kicked in this week, but the debate over how the regulations will play out is already raging...

4  Hotmail spam filters block outgoing e-mail
Ben Johnson has been sending e-mail for months from his Hotmail account, but he just discovered that some of them were diverted to the trash before arriving at their destination...

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