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Netscape Sucks 24 April 2001 Edition
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Yeah -- that's right, Netscape sucks.

No, not the browser -- the company that was Netscape and has since been swallowed by AOL.

Why does it suck?

Simple -- some recent versions of Netscape's SmartDownload product have a gaping security hole in them and although the company did produce a patch, it didn't publicise the problem or issue an advisory that users should update their vulnerable software.

For all their flaws (no, I can't count that high) Microsoft has at least developed a policy of acknowledging security holes and providing patches in a pretty short timeframe -- some would say too short when those patches have problems of their own.

Of course the world's really smart Netscape users (both of us) remain unaffected by the problem because they weren't dumb enough to upgrade to the latest version anyway.

We Toldyaso!
The BBC is reporting that another case of foot-and-mouth may have been uncovered in a human. 7amNews/ShockHorrorProbe warned of this possibility over a month ago.

Find out more at 7amNews/ShockHorrorProbe...

Lost Someone or Something?
I tend to sleep with the TV on -- it's a sophisticated skill I cultivated while running 7am.com like a one-armed paperhanger so that I wouldn't miss any "breaking news" -- and last night my subconscious woke me to watch an advertisement.

Yes -- I actually watched a TV ad!

I don't know whether it was the mention of "website" or "one hundred dollars" which woke me but the ad was for KiwiSearch.net, a site that offers to pay you cash for leads.

Take a look at the site (just pop your cheque in the mail Jarmo) and try to decide whether this is a clever idea which might well earn money while providing a public service -- or whether they're dreaming.

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The Music Industry Needs A Life
Believe it or not, those whingers from the music industry are at it again -- this time they're bitching about people downloading copyrighted tunes to use as ringing tones on their cellphones.

Yes... a UK-based company claims (and I kid you not) that the being able to download free tunes such as the Mission Impossible theme is costing the music industry up to $1 million a day in lost royalties.

Maybe their cellphone is some new kind of mutant version with a 64-voice digital synthesizer chip capable of producing full DVD-quality surround-sound music -- but all the phones I've seen, and the monotone tunes you can download for them hardly seem to qualify as being worthy of copyright protection.

Stop your whining and get on with proving the Net community with a sensible solution to selling music in a cost-effective and convenient format please!

ANZAC Day Tomorrow
No Aardvark tomorrow because, like all good Australasians, I'll be attending dawn parade -- will you?

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Open in New Window Xtra may use court to get off blacklist
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Open in New Window E-voting first for Canberra
IN October Canberra residents will become the first in the world to vote electronically in a preferential government election...
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Open in New Window Global E-Commerce Conduct Code Discussed
The U.S. Better Business Bureau and two European business groups said Monday they were developing a set of standards for Web sites to ease consumer concerns about doing business over the Internet...

Open in New Window E-sting nets 2 Russian hackers; FBI alleges pair stole credit info
Federal agents in Seattle have cracked a Russian computer-hacking ring that prosecutors say victimized dozens of e-commerce businesses in 10 states through extortion and the theft of thousands of credit-card numbers...
Seattle Times

Open in New Window Compatibility issues dog Windows XP
Microsoft's next version of Windows may have fewer apps able to run on it as older software isn't working on the new OS...

Open in New Window Dongle's back? Start-up locks up media files
SigningStation's new copy protection method will provide personal locks and private keys that are permanently stored in 'dongles.' ...

Open in New Window Intel releases Pentium 4
Intel Corp., the world's largest chipmaker, introduced its much-awaited Pentium 4 processor Monday, at 1.7 GHz the company's highest-performance microprocessor for desktops, in a move that could ignite a price war with its competitors...

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