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Lighten Up 8 June 2001 Edition
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Million $ Ideas
At last, the contents of Aardvark's "million-dollar ideas" notebook are revealed for all to see!
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More of the best, the worst, the strangest and the funniest stuff from the wacky world of the WWW.

The Spudgun Technology Center
Even I'm not crazy enough to make one of these devices. Put away your PVC pipes and cans of engine-starter spray -- this is a "real man's" spudgun!

The Original Nasal Passage Cleaner
Just the gift for the person who has everything! As they say "when blowing your nose is not enough!"

Nuclear Boy
Yes, you to can do nuclear physics at home. I wonder if this is true?

7amNews Sci/Tech


Nothingsup @ IHUG
I've had an anonymous tip-off that there are things happening at IHUG today.

The anonymous informant said all staff have been asked to attend a meeting.

However, Tim Wood says it's not so!

He says: "The only meeting taking place @IHUG today will be the usual free staff drinks on a Friday night :). Anonymous tips should sometimes be taken with a grain of salt, or is that Tequila!."

Hang On To That CDR Software!
The recording industry is moving (being pushed by public demand) towards delivering music over the Net.

Deals with RealNetworks and Napster announced recently, show that the music companies realise that if they don't get their fingers out, they'll miss the boat -- that's if it hasn't sailed already in the form of the growing number of peer-to-peer file-swapping networks.

Of course the big worry from the recording industry's perspective is that of protecting their valuable intellectual property. The Napster deal is wholly contingent on a suitable fingerprinting and blocking strategy being put in place to stop unauthorised trading and Napster's trying like hell to comply.

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However, one of the biggest problems that the Recording industry faces is that of stopping the duplication or burning of CDs containing their copyrighted tracks.

Just in case you hadn't noticed though -- they're already making moves on this front as well. Look for a growing number of CDR software companies (the ones who write the drivers and popular applications for burning CDR and CDRW disks) to announce that they're about to include copy-protection in their products.

I believe the recording industry will take a stick and carrot approach to getting the CDR software vendors onside. On the one hand, they'll threaten them with legal action (aiding and abetting copyright infringement) and on the other they'll offer them some kind of small payment.

So... hold on to that software you're using now -- the next version might not let you burn your own audio CDs unless you own the original disk.

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Microsoft Patches Yet Another IIS Security Hole (NewsBytes - 15/05/2001)

Unchecked Buffer in ISAPI Extension Could Enable Compromise of IIS 5.0 Server (Microsoft - 01/05/2001)

Severe Security Flaw Threatens Netscape Users Betanews - 24/04/2001)

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Alcatel ADSL Modems (CERT - 12/04/2001t)

Virus Alerts
Worm: New 'Homepage' virus rated X (ZDNet - 10/05/2001)

New virus hits both Windows and Linux (Fairfax - 28/03/2001)

SANS Detects Lion Worm (TechWeb - 23/03/2001)

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

Open in New Window Court ruling critical to hacker charges
A court decision that could prove critical to computer hacking cases is expected today, when criminal proceedings that began almost three years ago near their resolution...
NZ Herald

Open in New Window Clear's own DSL offering "soon" says ClearNet
Clear Communications is trialling its own DSL solution and has plans to roll it out to as many users as possible as soon as possible...


Open in New Window Real Progress in Secure Music
With Napster signed on as a distribution partner, RealNetworks became the company most likely to bring music to your PC -- with security. Their security...

Open in New Window Napster in Deal with Loudeye to Help Identify Music
Napster Inc. on Thursday said it had reached a deal for Loudeye Technologies Inc. to provide technology that will help it identify music on its new service planned for launch this summer as well as its currently running court-challenged service...

Open in New Window ThunderHawk microbrowser takes flight
A new browser for wireless devices is taking flight, making creator Bitstream the latest company to provide a PC-style Web browsing experience on mobile devices...

Open in New Window Microsoft unveils TV tech
Microsoft Corp. on Thursday launched its bid to carve out a share of the fledgling interactive television market with the commercial rollout of the world's first broadband set-top boxes...

Open in New Window Palm Adopts Bluetooth
A new insertable card by Palm may help jumpstart long-delayed wireless technology...


Open in New Window Petition launched as sparks fly
Telstra's download cap leads to a nationwide petition by angry broadband users...

Open in New Window Telstra buys One.Tel customers
TELSTRA has reached a deal with One.Tel administrators to purchase the carrier's fixed-wire and Next Generation mobile customer base...
Australian IT


Open in New Window Security hole found in Exchange 2000
Employees who use the Web to get their corporate e-mail could have their in-box deleted by a malicious program...

Open in New Window Will 3D on phones jump out at consumers?
A scantily clad, Barbie-like figure is the star attraction of the first phone that can display 3D images. But can she and 3D spark sales?...

Open in New Window Windows XP: Integration's the word
Windows XP and Internet Explorer will be linked with 'Smart Tags' -- a new feature that provides instant access to Microsoft's chosen Web sites or programs...

Open in New Window Indian flying car shot down - Israeli rival soars
Our recent piece on Indian boffin Rakesh Goel's boast that he will put a flying car into the air by 2004 provoked much discussion among Reg readers...
The Register

Open in New Window MusicMatch, Sony Electronics in CD-Burning Deal
Online music company MusicMatch Inc. on Thursday said it reached a deal for Sony Corp.'s (6758.T) Sony Electronics to integrate MusicMatch's Jukebox software into Sony devices enabling people to burn music onto blank compact discs...

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