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Just Before You Go To MSN... 7 August 2001 Edition
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Yesterday I pointed out how Telecom were annoying a lot of people by dropping the personal webpage hosting service that made up part of the monthly subscription fee charged by the ISP.

I also pointed out how the ISP recommended people move their websites to MSN Communities -- well today I present some more points for disgruntled XTRA customers to ponder before choosing MSN Communities as their new home...

First up -- be aware that Microsoft has already started tightening the screws and either dumping or charging for services that were previously free.

A good example of this is the announcement that the bCentral listbot service they've been offering Net users is now a cough-up or go find somewhere else to live situation. Microsoft want your money -- one way or the other.

So what will happen if you move your website to MS Communities? Well, it's probably a pretty safe bet that it won't be long before you're going to have to move it again -- or start handing over your hard-earned cash.

Another article really worth reading if your an MS Passport user is this one. It seems that experts are already picking holes in the security model used by Microsoft's passport system -- oh dear, how sad!

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    Code Red Is Scorching The Net
    The number of probes from the Code Red worm which are being intercepted by my firewall peaked at one every minute at around 3:30am this morning. That's massively more than I saw last month just before it was due to launch its attack on the Whitehouse website.

    If you have a firewall -- check and see for yourself just how much activity is going on out there - you'll be surprised.

    If you're a Telecom ADSL user paying for Internet access by the megabyte then each of those little probes is costing you money -- now that's a sobering thought isn't it?

    And, if you don't have a firewall -- even if you've just got one desktop PC and a dial-up modem, then you're an idiot! Good products such as ZoneAlarm are free for the downloading -- go do it -- NOW!

    Remember -- the latest variant of the Code Red worm represents a massively increased security risk because it makes infected servers completely vulnerable to a hacker gaining full control simply by using the Telnet program provide as a standard part of most operating systems.

    But of course this problem will be completely solved when Microsoft, Red Hat, and the other OS vendors are forced to strip copies of such useful programs from their distribution for fear of falling foul of the proposed CAB amendment mentioned yesterday right? :-)

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    Open in New Window Adobe E-Book Hacker Released
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