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Was I Right Or What? 23 August 2001 Edition
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Million $ Ideas
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Yesterday I suggested that the news media was really having trouble finding new stuff to write about when it comes to the Net -- and as if to prove my point I see that the NZ Herald has managed to squeeze a third day's news(?) out of the MS "sinister file" story and IDG is similarly eking all the mileage it can out of that JetStream billing risk.

However, to avoid falling into the same trap, I will be sure not to mention this subject tomorrow ;-)

Pay Up!
During period that I've been publishing Aardvark (more than 6 years now) I have, from time to time, played around with generating revenues from advertising.

Quite frankly, I don't think that online advertising helps either the reader or the advertiser. Do you really want Aardvark's spartan pages cluttered with banners promoting stuff you don't want or already knew about?

And how much would you expect an advertiser to pay in order to reach 1,500-2,500 of NZ's most intelligent Net users and industry players? Not much these days, certainly not enough to cover the time and costs associated with producing Aardvark to a daily schedule.

I've also considered the subscription option -- but dismissed it as being entirely contra to the concept of the Net. The type of information I'm publishing here deserves to be free -- besides which the numbers still don't add up and, based on feedback and a general "feel" for the market, I'd say that introducing a subscription model would simply kill the audience while returning a mere pittance in revenues.

Of course I could syndicate my daily column in much the same way I'm syndicating and selling content from my 7amNews/ShockHorrorProbe site -- but unfortunately I think I'm a little outspoken for any mainstream publishers to risk republishing what you read here.

So how does one go about covering the costs and time involved in producing a site like Aardvark?

Well I'm going to leave it up to you -- the reader. Tell me what you think Aardvark is worth (oh, what a cruel piece of arm-twisting!)

As of today, all donations will be gladly accepted through my secure server.

Feel free to donate as much as you want -- I won't complain -- honest!

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    Readers To The Rescue
    Yesterday's call for suggestions as to what areas you'd like to see covered on a slow-news day produced a raft of responses with some really good ideas.

    I'm still busy sorting through them but there appears to be enough to keep me going for quite a while -- thanks folks.

    In the meantime -- don't forget that all suggestions for the Friday Lighten-Up section are gratefully received, don't be shy!

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    New Zealand

    Open in New Window Telecom user stung for $600 for unwanted data
    At least one Jetstream user has been stung by excessive data costs on his connection, despite being protected by a firewall...

    Open in New Window Army can't be arsed
    Harsh language is not acceptable in the army, or at least in its email...


    Open in New Window Heading MS Off at the Passport
    Sun Microsystems is furiously working away at providing an alternative to Microsoft's Passport, as CEO Scott McNealy throws jabs and uppercuts at his company's rival...

    Open in New Window Producers Unshaken by Website's Bond Film 'Scoop'
    It sounded like a dastardly plot from a James Bond movie -- an unknown spy infiltrates Hollywood, steals a blockbuster script and reveals all on the Internet...

    Open in New Window Microsoft defends Passport in Washington
    Microsoft on Wednesday descended on the nation's capital, trying to quell concerns its Passport authentication service poses a threat to consumers' privacy or security...

    Open in New Window Digital Copyright Controversy Back in Court
    The controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is back in the public spotlight as two high-profile legal cases return to court...

    Open in New Window More Scandal From Indian Site
    Tehelka, which exposed bribery scandals that led to the resignations of Indian officials, puts more salacious political details on the Web...


    Open in New Window Cybercrime bill cops fire
    THE federal Government's proposed cybercrime laws are not understood by the agencies that will enforce them, a senate report says...
    Australian IT

    Open in New Window Australian broadband raid violating privacy?
    Excite@Home Australia users are up in arms over the telco’s random raids on their broadband accounts in search of pirate activity, with many saying it’s an invasion of their privacy...


    Open in New Window Game industry shoots down brain claims
    The video game industry has hit back at claims that computer games can damage children's brains and insists that the activity can be beneficial...

    Open in New Window The Serious Game: Digital video is still off-track
    Web video lives on, but unfortunately for most of us it still looks and sounds like crap...
    Red Herring

    Open in New Window Hackers deface World Cup Web site
    S'kiddies have defaced the official home page of Japan's World Cup organising committee with an obscene message....
    The Register

    Open in New Window Apple to Get Emmy Award for Device
    Apple Computer is getting an engineering Emmy for FireWire, an advanced data-transport technology for connecting peripheral devices to computers...
    NY Times

    Open in New Window Britons to Send 1 Billion Text Messages in August
    The monthly volume of text messages sent in the UK is set to pass one billion for the first time in August after July figures released on Wednesday fell just short of the milestone...

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