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Where Is The Media? 3 September 2001 Edition
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It has become blatantly obvious that the mainstream media has fallen out of love with the Internet and all things "dot-com."

Two Net-related issues that have the potential to affect thousands of NZers appear to have been all but totally ignored by TV and some of the major daily newspapers.

I refer to the Telecom DSL billing scam and the domain name protection racket I reported on Friday.

Now maybe I've been working in my shed too long, but I've heard nary a word from the mainstream media about these two cases where people stand to get their wallets emptied by the unscrupulous business activities of Net-related businesses.

Checking the news websites of INL, The NZ Herald and OneNews revealed no sign of any general public warning about the ING scam.

Okay, so I've done my best to publicise the risks, and IDG have also spread the word -- but neither Aardvark nor IDG reach anywhere near the number of people that the NZ Herald, or TV news does. And remember that it's the very Net-neophytes who are unlikely to read industry-specific applications who are most likely to get caught by these schemes.

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    Internet NZ (formerly ISOCNZ) has complained to the Commerce Commission, requesting an investigation into the activities of ING and they issued a press release to this effect -- but why has it been ignored by the media?

    Come on InternetNZ -- give your PR company a rocket. One of the biggest failings of ISOCNZ was its inability to reach the media and maintain a (favourable) public profile. Hell if I can get my ugly face on TV just because I build jet engines, I'm sure a decent PR company ought to be able to do more than mail, fax and email out a press release.

    The Employers and Manufacturers Association also issued a press release that was published by NewsRoom -- but I'm not sure that it wasn't without errors.

    "The Melbourne operation wants $250 to register the new suffixes though they can be obtained locally for $74" ?

    The level of confusion shown by the EMA in their press release is typical of that which has allowed these Aussies to try and trick local nameholders into parting with A$250, and potentially receiving absolutely nothing in return.

    I checked the Consumers' Institute website for any warnings as to the ING scam -- not a sausage.

    Nothing on the Commerce Commission website either.

    Given the slow pace at which the media and authorities have responded to the ING racket, it's clear that their offer of a 10% discount for faxing your order (and credit-card details) back within 48 hours was driven by an awareness that they'd have a few days before the general public became "informed" consumers.

    Surprisingly enough though -- news of the guilty verdict handed down in the defamation case brought by Patrick O'Brien against Alan Brown made the news within hours of it being announced. (Stuff, NZ Herald)

    Nice to see the media has its priorities sorted -- right?

    If anyone has been duped by the Aussie scheme, or heard of others who have, please drop me a line -- it would be nice to know if there are victims.

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