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Day 6, A Nuclear War?
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Why Net News Is Better 17 September 2001 Edition
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Last week I argued that TV news was better than Net news -- because the Net has an annoying tendency to fall flat on its face when demand exceeds a certain point.

Today I argue the contrary -- technical issues excepted.

Here's why the Net is a better news source than TV:

On Demand
With the Net, you can get the news when YOU want it -- not at a time decided by the Network programmer.

Even Sky Digital subscribers have a choice of just a small number of TV news sources -- the Net gives you access to thousands of sites and a corresponding greater number of perspectives and sources.

With the advent of WAP, wireless and other technologies, the Net-based news can be delivered directly to you -- providing valuable alerts to important events.

Online publishers don't "bump" your favourite website and replace it with a news site in the same way that TV programmers tend to drop programs for major news or sports events.

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However -- all is not perfect with the Web.

Since Tuesday (US-time) a number of "Tech News" sites have tried to become "General News" sites -- losing their focus on tech issues and publishing a long list of stories on the terrorist attacks -- with nary a tech connection to be found.

While this may be a very tempting thing for such sites to do -- it's also a lazy thing to do.

Yes, good tech news stories have been very thin on the ground since the attacks -- but is that any reason to suddenly turn your website into yet another cnn.com or ABCNews.com?

I ToldYaSo
As I predicted last week, the US government is already moving swiftly to outlaw strong encryption without a government-accessible back-door.

This ZDNet story reports that one US senator has started the lobbying for such a move.

The FBI has also been given license to monitor some forms of communications (including the Net) without the need for a wiretap warrant.

Remember that I also predicted copy-cat moves to up the snooping powers of our own government -- stay tuned. It's not a matter of whether this will happen here, it's simply a matter of whether we'll be told that it's happened.

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Calling the FBI...
On the weekend I contacted the FBI in the USA using a form on the Bureau's website which has specially been set up for reporting suspicious activity or providing information in respect to the recent attacks.

While I can't disclose what information I provided, suffice to say it was certainly something that concerned me enough to file a report.

I have received no response -- not even an acknowledgement -- but I guess they're somewhat swamped right now. However -- even an auto-response would seem to have been a smart thing to do, given the importance that some of the information related through this site might play in the safety and security of the USA in these dangerous times.

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Internet and telecommunication traffic spiked in New Zealand last week in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack...


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Flamboyant German Internet millionaire Kim Schmitz said on Friday he had received thousands of tips from around the world in response to his offer of a $10 million reward for information on the terror attacks in the U.S...

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An initial study pegs costs of the terrorist attacks to the information technology and communications industry will be about $15.8 billion, according to technology researcher Computer Economics...

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The aftermath of this week's terrorist attacks clearly show that amateur journalism can be as good as anything produced by the professionals. And it's often better...


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INTERNET disruption and telephone delays are compounding the problems facing passengers left stranded by the collapse of Ansett...
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The Internet Industry Association will use Australia’s upcoming federal election to bolster a compaign aimed at heightening government support of broadband Internet...


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The Internet giant tightens its ties with Novell, agreeing to promote the company's directory-services technology rather than iPlanet's as the default in its corporate portal service...

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"What makes them super-empowered... is their genius at using the networked world, the Internet and the very high technology they hate to attack us."...

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The European Parliament published its report into the Echelon spying system last week in which it concluded it did exist, was against the law and that the UK had a lot of explaining to do...
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Open in New Window Palm gets snotty with Palm-friendly Web sites
Palm has been tacitly threatening Web sites set up by fans of its PDAs with legal action for alleged trademark infringement if they don't license the company's name or change their own...
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Open in New Window Senator calls for encryption crackdown
The horror of Tuesday's coordinated attacks on the commercial and military centers of America has prompted the U.S. Congress to call for a global ban on "uncrackable" encryption products...

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