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Not Enough Says Bush
7amNews.com's concise coverage of the Terrorist attacks and the USA's inevitable response continues. Ruling Islamic clerics have invited Osama Bin Laden to leave Afghanistan -- but President Bush says they're dreaming if they think this is enough to avoid becoming the target of military action. Get the latest reports.

For all the latest headlines and links on the terrorist attacks and US retaliation, check out the new World At War page.

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Lighten Up 21 September 2001 Edition
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Embarrassing Problems
Here's the site for the person that has everything (including bad breath and itching in unmentionable places).

The Journal of Mundane Behavior
Alas, I was hoping there'd be no mention of all the exceptional events surrounding the terrorist attacks on the USA -- but even this site succumbed to the temptation. Ah well - maybe it'll stick to the mundane in future?

Don't Believe What You Read
I've mentioned in previous columns that you ought not believe everything you read on the Web and the revelation that Yahoo's news site was quietly hacked, and stories altered, makes my point.

According to reports, a rather clever hAkr d00de managed to trick his way past Yahoo's seemingly inadequate security and "tweak" the facts a little.

This obviously raises an important issue -- how can online news be trusted?

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Now I could be a cynic and say - how can any news report be trusted in these days of electronic media and 24-hr news channels?

The emphasis is not on being right so much as it is on being first.

Far too many news providers are focusing on sizzle and forgetting the steak.

And why not? After all, it's what the public are demanding!

I read with interest how, in the wake of the hacking fiasco, Yahoo admitted that it's the quirky or sensational stories that get the most views -- the boring old factual accounts rate pretty poorly.

Only since the terrorist attacks of last week has "real news" rated ahead of sleazy sex stories or humorous human interest stuff.

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    Perhaps now people can see why I called my latest news site ShockHorrorProbe and tend to steer away from mainstream subjects in favour of "interesting" stories?

    One solution to the problem of news-sites being hacked and their content altered was suggested on Slashdot where one poster mooted the use of digital signatures for each article. The idea being that even if a hacker could alter the story, he couldn't produce a valid signature for it without the authorised key.

    Personally I think it's probably a good idea -- but all too often, the stories we read are rushed out the door so quickly that even a signed copy is no guarantee that it's facts are correct.

    For example -- the other night, One News claimed that this evil new computer worm Nimda had already infected 150 servers world-wide. Yes, folks -- the Net was being crippled by a mere 150 servers?

    Okay... it was probably a simple reader or transcription error (the figure I read on the wires was 150,000 -- but how would your average couch-potato know that this fact was out by three orders of magnitude??

    Then of course there was the bogus Nostradamus prophesy that did the rounds.

    People all over the world were telling their friends that this attack was accurately predicted by Nostradamus in his writings. Only problem was that it turned out to be a totally fictitious piece of prose made up by goodness knows who.

    Finally, a couple of readers emailed me yesterday to point out a chilling "fact" in relation to Microsoft and the attacks.

    Apparently, one of the flights that smashed into the WTC towers was given the designation Q33NY and, if you type those 5 characters into MS Word, change the font-size to 26 point and switch to WingDings font -- well just try it and see!

    Of course there was no flight Q33NY -- but I heard it on the Net :-)

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