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Lighten Up 12 October 2001 Edition
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Million $ Ideas
At last, the contents of Aardvark's "million-dollar ideas" notebook are revealed for all to see!
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Formula 1
I don't know what to say about this Flash animation -- except there's no animation. However, you must turn your speakers up to hear what's going on (Flash 5 required)

Daughter of Bizarre
I wouldn't have believed any of this if it weren't straight from the pages of New Scientist.com.

Reverse Speech
A site that goes to show that even complete hogwash can be packaged nicely on the Internet.

Need Cutting-Edge Copy?
As NZ's longest-running online commentator, I'm looking for extra syndication opportunities for this daily publication -- or I'm happy to write casual or regular material specifically to order for print or Net-based publications. If you're interested, drop me a line

Great Minds?
Yesterday I mooted the prospect of creating an alternative secure Internet -- and then, just a couple of hours later, this story appeared on the Net.

Just goes to show -- "great minds think alike," or should that be "fools seldom differ?"

Microsoft, We Luv Ya Really
I know I'm sometimes pretty hard on Microsoft -- constantly berating them for the shonky security intrinsic to their Internet products and strategies, bitching endlessly about their unfair, draconian licensing agreements, poking fun at Bill's silly haircut, etc, etc.

Sometimes I deliberately ignore some stories because I feel that if I were to report yet another Microsoft botch-up, readers might label me as being dogmatic or biased.

So today I thought I'd just say that there are no hard feelings Bill -- but for Christ's sake -- but doesn't this kind of thing bode ill for Hailstorm?

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Is Yahoo In A Snot?
Just a day after Yahoo reported that it's bleeding like a stuck pig in the wake of a massive online advertising slump, it has started bitching that its competitors are fudging their traffic figures.

Is the online giant just pee'd off that it's in a slump?

Is it true that Yahoo is actually starting to slip in the rankings and this is simply a poor attempt to deflect investor concern?

Well the only thing we do know for sure is that Yahoo's business model is starting to look a little shaky -- just like so many others.

Personally I think they're experiencing the effects of trying to tighten the screws just a little too hard on their audience. Net users have yet to be weaned off their "free lunch" attitude to the Internet so Yahoo's ongoing tendency to start charging for previously free services is simply driving people elsewhere.

The Real Face Of Terrorism?
From the "too strange to be fiction" department comes this story from Wired.com which investigates exactly what Sesame Street's Bert is cooking up with that evil terrorist Osama Bin Liner Laden.

Save The Aardvark Fund
Yes, I have had several donations to the Aardvark fund and I thank those who put their money where their mouse is :-)

If guilt is gnawing away inside you then there's still time to donate.

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The Day's Top News
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New Zealand

Open in New Window Sealcorp stock to be auctioned
Interest has been expressed in "selected items" of software and hardware from liquidated IT distributor Sealcorp, says David Levin, manager for receiver Richard Agnew...

Open in New Window Schools to Think.com
Six hundred school principals will receive an extra gift in the New Year as the Education Ministry and American software company Oracle begin New Zealand pilots of Oracle's Think.com web-based educational environment...


Open in New Window US Navy joins open-source effort
Linux fans will have a chance to make the Village People song a reality and get "In the Navy" under a research program announced Wednesday...

Open in New Window Microsoft expands Windows XP messaging
Consumers are just getting their first look at Windows XP, but that hasn't stopped Microsoft from preparing the first major update of the new operating system...

Open in New Window Web Streaming by Office Workers Hits All-Time High
Almost 56 percent of U.S. office workers watched or listened to some streaming Internet media in September, an all-time high, according a report released on Thursday by audience measurement service Nielsen NetRatings...

Open in New Window Top Cybercop Wants New Net
A day after taking over as the Bush administration's cyberspace adviser, Richard Clarke calls for a secure telecommunications network specifically for government use...

Open in New Window Circuits That Bug Out Bugs
Bug-repellent circuit boards are used by Japanese electronics manufacturers to keep creepy crawlies away. American companies shun them, but at their peril...


Open in New Window Red Cross says HIV e-mail is a hoax
An e-mail warning that contaminated syringes were being planted on cinema seats and in ATM cash dispensers was a hoax, the Australian Red Cross said today...

Open in New Window Ansett deal faces IT hurdle
A SMALL IT company implementing PeopleSoft products at Ansett could delay the approval of the airline's $200 million-plus payout deal with Air New Zealand...
Australian IT


Open in New Window Security hole found in Symantec update tool
A group of German hackers have exposed a vulnerability in Symantec's software for updating antivirus software and other programs, which could be used to download and run hostile code from an unauthorized server...

Open in New Window MS security glitch allowed access to customer records on web
Microsoft has pulled the plugs on an internal (but er, only sort of) customer services site after it was informed that it could be used to browse the personal data of Microsoft customers...
The Register

Open in New Window Yahoo Says Traffic to Its Site Is Undercounted
Amid new signs that Yahoo! Inc may be losing Internet traffic to its chief rivals, the Internet media giant Wednesday cried foul and said many companies were inflating their numbers...

Open in New Window Report: Online Groceries Set for Growth Explosion
Europe's rapidly expanding online market for food and drinks could be worth more than $23 billion by 2005, but research on Thursday showed retailers should view the Internet more as a marketing tool than as a sales channel...

Open in New Window FBI Closes 'Pro IRA' Website
An American web site accused of supporting the Real IRA has been shut down at the request of the FBI as it cracks down on terrorist groups, it emerged today...

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