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Lighten Up 19 October 2001 Edition
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Bouquet of the Week
As regular readers will know, I have a bee in my bonnet about the quality and ergonomics of the websites created by our TV broadcasters.

We've seen some absolutely awful stuff come out of the bowels of TV1, TV2, TV3 and their peers -- but things have been getting a little better of late.

One of the least pretentious but most practical of these sites is now Prime TV.

Hey -- what can I say -- it's not the most attractive piece of web-work, but it's just so damned practical!

When I go to a TV channel's website it's almost certainly because I want to know what's going to be screening. When you hit the Prime TV site -- there it is -- the info they know you're going to want, right up front.

What's more -- they even present today's listings -- not yesterdays (as at least one other TV broadcaster consistently did when they launched their "new" site).

Let's face it, there's not a hell of a lot of stuff on the Prime TV website, but what's there is concise, timely and accurate.

Full marks Prime, you've created a site that is obviously constrained by budgetary issues but which has focused on doing a simple job very well.

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    By Way Of Comparison
    I was going to revisit the TV3 website and see if they'd fixed up the catastrophe that represents their window on the Web -- but here's what I got.

    Oh well, the more some things change, the more others stay the same I guess.

    More Kudos
    Another low-budget website supporting a small TV broadcaster is the one operated by Triangle TV.

    Like Prime's effort, this is clearly low-budget -- but it's functional and fast to load.

    The web designers ought to learn when NOT to use the JPEG format and the layout is pretty lacklustre -- but the listings are easy to find and up-to-date.

    It's a shame that some of our bigger broadcasters don't take a leaf from the books of these shoe-string sites.

    What do you think?

    Come on, which TV broadcaster's site is best and which is worst and is the average standard what you would expect from seasoned content creators?

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    New Zealand

    Open in New Window IndraNet proceeds with projects though revenue streams unclear
    High-tech firm IndraNet Technologies is continuing its involvement with its first commercial project, the Virtuhalls project in Nice, France, but whether the venture has generated any revenue...

    Open in New Window More prosecutions tipped for online drugs
    More prosecutions of doctors selling prescription drugs over the Internet are in the pipeline as the Ministry of Health investigates what it says is a dangerous and risky practice...


    Open in New Window Security experts see nastier worms
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    Open in New Window Microsoft bug reports may get personal data
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    Citing sluggish responses in approving search warrants for electronic surveillance, the head of a congressional anti-terrorism commission offers a solution...


    Open in New Window Alcatel Australia calls for more broadband competition
    Australia's economy could suffer in the next decade because of a lack of broadband Internet competition and government policy, Alcatel Australia warned today...

    Open in New Window NZ scuttles QLD in digital TV bid
    A trans-Tasman tug of war over a $A245 million television and Internet production house appears to have been won by New Zealand...


    Open in New Window Launch of .Biz Web Addresses Pushed Back to Nov. 7
    Companies registering Web addresses under the new ``.biz'' domain will have to wait two more weeks for the Web sites to go live while the overseeing registry firm readies its system, the company said on Wednesday...

    Open in New Window IBM patents Web page template tool
    We thought the US patent office outdid itself when it granted Network Associates' McAfee division a patent for updating anti-virus software over the Internet, but we should have remembered it has form for this sort of thing...
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    Open in New Window Lame attempt to disguise viruses as MS security update
    It's hardly likely to fool anyone but virus writers have once again taken to disguising viruses in emails purporting to give security patches from Microsoft...
    The Register

    Open in New Window 'Redesi' worm reformats hard drives
    A worm disguising itself as a security patch for Microsoft products will in fact reformat the victim's C: drive...

    Open in New Window Microsoft: Stop leaking bug code!
    Microsoft, whose software has been at the center of several recent high-profile security incidents, has decided to turn up the heat on those the company considers at least partially responsible: security firms and hackers who release sample programs to exploit software flaws...

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