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From Yesterday 1 November 2001 Edition
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Following on from yesterday's "Call Me" mystery, I've received further information regarding the spam and follow-up pitch that mystified many Net users.

It seems that some of those who rang the number and asked for more information received an email in which Julian's portfolio of sites was listed.

The interesting thing was, according to a couple of readers, that some of the sites on that list appear to have been created by a company called PixelBrick.

One reader went so far as to check with PixelBrick who denied any connection with Julian Angelo.

N'uff said.

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More On DSE's XP Promotion
I also mentioned yesterday that one reader found DSE's free promo copies of Windows XP had miraculously been sold before the doors even opened.

Well an anonymous informant claims that members of DSE's staff were overheard boasting that they'd scored some of those promo copies.

N'uff said (again).

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Windows XP, A Week Later
Although I'm clearly not a Microsoft fan, I'm also doing my best to be objective in respect to the company's latest operating system offering and have to admit that I've received a lot of email from people who seem to be very happy with it.

Most writers seem more than impressed with the stability of the system -- something we've been waiting for ever since the launch of Windows 1.0 all those years ago.

Of course if Microsoft NZ would like me to undertake an objective evaluation of the product and publish a review in this column then they're more than welcome to contact me and I'll put it through its paces.

As readers know, I call a spade a spade, and if it works as advertised then I'll say so. Likewise if it's a dog, I'll say so too. Remember -- Aardvark doesn't attend the glitzy launches, journalist "excursions", or carry *any* advertising so I'm not going to be swayed by the lure of big bucks from Microsoft's PR department. So there's the challenge MS -- are you willing to risk an Aardvark review?

Apologise For Asking Questions?
I received an email from Domainz recently suggesting that it might be nice if I apologised to them in respect to my comments over StrongNet's recent spam.

In reporting the spam, I used a headline which asked whether Domainz database had been ripped again -- and it was a question (complete with question-mark), not a statement. I did not at any time state as fact that the database had been ripped -- but it certainly seemed a reasonable suggestion -- after all, a lot of people responsible for websites hosted at Asia Online were hit by the same email and that information had to come from somewhere.

Remember also that only a matter of weeks earlier, ING had admitted ripping the database in order to spam thousands of Kiwi domain name holders. there.

As I reported the next day, StrongNet claim that they obtained the information by performing a zone transfer from NS99.waikato.ac.nz several months earlier and hadn't ripped the Domainz database.

So do I apologise? No -- because I didn't make any false statements.

However, I did subsequently, and have again, clarified the matter so that the question has been answered and the matter clarified.

Save The Aardvark Fund
Yes, I have had several donations to the Aardvark fund and I thank those who put their money where their mouse is :-)

If guilt is gnawing away inside you then there's still time to donate.

Just drop by and hand over your loot.

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