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It's Not Over Yet 7 November 2001 Edition
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The local tech-news media is littered with stories about the demise of Flying Pig this morning -- it's almost as if they were surprised that the concrete porker couldn't fly.

So another of NZ's internet high-flyers hits the pan -- and I'm pretty sure we'll soon be seeing other similar crashes due to ill-conceived business models or just plain inept management.

Hey, I'm not saying that making money on the Net is easy -- if it was then everyone would be doing it, right?

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The Wheels Fall Off Microsoft's Deal
I bet there are a few execs at Microsoft who are feeling rather nervous right now.

The apparent miracle deal that was forged between itself and the US DOJ looks as if it might be scuttled by the reluctance of a growing number of states to accept it.

Just when MS thought it was out of hot water, its fate may once again be back in the hands of the courts.

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    e-Christmas Time
    About this time every year I ask readers what they think would be the ultimate computer or Net-related Christmas gift.

    Surprisingly, it seems to be getting harder not easier to come up with a gizmo or service that would make the average computer-user's heart race.

    It looks as if we're being spoilt by ever-faster processors, ever-cheaper RAM and ever larger hard drives.

    Exactly what would get your juices flowing this year?

    A nice shiny new copy of Windows XP?

    A 3G mobile phone with MP3 player?

    It's time to spill the beans -- let me know what you'd like. Who knows, maybe Santa reads Aardvark :-)

    2001 Awards?
    I'm tossing up whether or not it's worth running the Aardvark Awards for 2001.

    They're a hell of a lot of work and there are already a plethora of different awards that get handed out at this time of the year.

    You tell me -- are the Aardvark awards distinctive enough to warrant all that fuss and bother?

    As you all know, Aardvark doesn't carry advertising -- but if you tell me that the awards are worthwhile, I'll be looking for a sponsor so anyone looking to secure such a valuable piece of exposure can contact me now.

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    Yes, I have had several donations to the Aardvark fund and I thank those who put their money where their mouse is :-)

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    Just drop by and hand over your loot.

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    Open in New Window This little piggy runs out of grunt
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    In its two rocky years, FlyingPig has generated more headlines than almost any other online business in New Zealand...


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    High-tech gadgets may be the focal point at Comdex, the nation's largest technology trade show, but trusty laptops will not be welcome this year amid tightened security...

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    Oops. A bug in the just-released version of Apple's popular iTunes software has erased some people's entire hard drives. What caused it? The omission of a single character in the programming code...


    Open in New Window Australian innovators attempt to 'SNARE' Linux users
    A small Australian company has released an innovative Linux-based security tool, in an attempt to set the open-source darling on the path towards acceptance within organisations...

    Open in New Window auDA won't get .org.au: Elz
    AUSTRALIA'S media-shy internet pioneer Robert Elz has asserted his control over .org.au, saying auDA has no right to the second-level domain...
    Australian IT


    Open in New Window Microsoft tries to cage security gremlins
    The software giant meets with security experts in the midst of widespread criticism over serious software flaws and the company's attempts to rein in hackers...

    Open in New Window Bin Laden hackers denounce founder
    Leet German script k1dd13 and would-be investment guru Kim Schmitz aka Kimble, who recently promoted his YIHAT (Young Intelligent Hackers Against Terrorism) Ninja force with loose claims to have hacked a Sudanese bank with /bin/laden accounts, has...
    The Register

    Open in New Window E-nnoyed with eBay
    Is eBay using its might as an e-commerce giant to promote a new online payment service that it owns?...

    Open in New Window Hitachi develops versatile DVD drive
    The electronics maker announced on Monday that it has developed a drive that can read and write several formats for recordable and rewritable DVD discs, as well as for recordable and rewritable CDs...

    Open in New Window Survey: Forty Percent Accidentally Get 'Net Porn
    Some 40 percent of Internet users in Britain say they have accidentally come across pornography while surfing, according to a survey by the Consumers' Association...

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