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Break My Heart Why Don't You? 27 November 2001 Edition
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Last month I reported on the spamming antics of one Julian Angelo and how he's been duping people into calling his cellphone, whereupon he tells them their website needs work.

In light of his recent activities, I was gobsmacked when I read this story on IDG's site this morning.

Talk about having a nerve!

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I'm still getting regular reports that Julian's "call me" spam programme is still up and running -- so his chances of being able to do anything about the messages archived from the NZNOG mailing list are zilch, nix null zero.

What's more -- it seems that when those who respond to his little pitch ask for a reference site -- he's still falsely claiming credit for sites he had no hand in designing.

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Give it up Julian. Get a haircut and get a real job.

Hidden Treasures?
CNet is reporting that some search engines, including the excellent Google.com, are finding and indexing all sorts of online data that might be better left in obscurity.

Password files, credit card numbers and all manner of other "sensitive" information that people have stupidly stored on webservers has been picked up -- much to the distress of those who suddenly find out how stupid they've been.

Surely a search-engine can't find stuff on your webserver unless you've got a link to it from some other webpage right?

Well it appears this isn't necessarily the case.

If you create a web-page and never publish a single link to it -- the searchbots might still find it, thanks to a couple of quirks related to the way they (and your browser) work.

I suggest you read some of the comments in this Slashdot discussion for more insight into how this can happen.

It might just pay to do a quick check and make sure that Google (and the other mainstream search engines) haven't grabbed something they ought not to.

Remember also that if you want to keep parts of your website from being indexed then you should include a "robots.txt" file -- the format of which can be found here.

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